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    Graphic Cards Fan replacement for Msi ventus GPU

    Decided to live with it for now. Meanwhile i jammed the broken fan. Now the other fan runs at maximum. So the vibration is 'solved' with a little bit of fan noise..
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    WTB GPU- GTX 1070/ti/1060/1080/1660

    I am unable to pm. Could you please pm with all details and expected price
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    WTB GPU- GTX 1070/ti/1060/1080/1660

    can you pls share details
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    Graphic Cards Fan replacement for Msi ventus GPU

    temps are fine. Issue is that the card vibrates a lot beyond 50% fan speeds. I am afraid that the vibration will eventually kill the fan or may be the other one also.
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    Graphic Cards Fan replacement for Msi ventus GPU

    I have a MSI ventus 1660ti bought from the US. A few days ago i noticed that one of the fan blade is broken off . I checked the card since there was a buzzing sound coming under load. What happened to it or where it disappeared is still a mystery. No sign of the broken blade within the case or...
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    WTB GPU- GTX 1070/ti/1060/1080/1660

    Looking for GTX 1070/ti/1060/1080/1660 Hi all, pls respond if there is any mentioned GPUs for sale warranty is a non issue, but card should be in perfect order
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    WTB B550 or X570

    Have no warranty ones. X570 aorus elite wifi and b550 mag tomahawk. Need to sell one. B550 is slightly used X570 is unused.
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    How do you guys ship your equipment?

    shiprocket is the most economical option. Within which i find delhivery as the most cost effective option for heavy/bulky items. But do keep in mind that for a standard user, the max settlement in case of transit loss is capped at 5000rs.
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    FS: Video Card MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Ti gaming X

    hi, please PM me. interested in buying this
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    How to withdraw funds from blockchain

    create a wazirx account from desktop. Complete KYC (aadhar/pancard, selfie). Add your Indian bank account to wazirx. Generate a wallet address specific for bitcoin. Withdraw from your current blockchain wallet to wazirx using the generated address. Once you have the btc credited to wazirx, sell...
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    Feedback on

    They are a fraud group. Another one is 'current technology retail'. Same modus operandi , Defraud a small sum and then disappear.
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    FS: Desktops Selling system on behalf of friend..i5 9600K and z390UD

    please pm. i am unable to start a convo.
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    FS: Desktops Selling system on behalf of friend..i5 9600K and z390UD

    hi, could you pls pm. Interested in the 9600k combo
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    Need help regarding customs for shipments from canada

    you may mark it as a gift item of small value. Generally small items make it through customs without any trouble. Best will be to carry it in person without the box.