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    Android Need a call recorder for android 11

    ACR used to work previously , upto Android9 i guess, then, Google changed its dialer policy and restricted access to microphone during call or something like that. Now, ACR is not working as it should. Other party's voice will be very very feeble as it's recording from the voice which is coming...
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    Health & Fitness Corona is in full swing and its not Joke !

    news from china
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    Budget 15-20K Mobile phone advice under20k

    Any idea about how does it compare with Samsung A series like A52/A53 in camera dept ? Currently using Moto G5S and wanted to upgrade !!!
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    Budget 51-70k Hi, a little help in laptop buying please please please

    Thinkpad series are business laptops and you cant go wrong with them. My personal laptop was Thinkpad E series, bought in 2013, used for 7years and sold in 2000 (still feeling bad that I didnt just swapped its HDD with SDD). After 7years of heavy usage, its on original battery and still gives...
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    FS: MP3 Player iPod nano 5th Gen 8GB

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    WTB Digital Music Player battery replacement is needed. If you can arrange it, pls DM me
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    Slimmer Replacement to Wallets? has compartments for cards, cash and coins, soft material and light weight
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    Trying to make a job switch, confused on how to proceed.

    If you want to shift , NOW is the best time. Check sites like geeksforgeeks and such and see what sort of questions are asked for DE roles. Prepare for couple of weeks, you will get to know how weak/strong you are in the subject List down few companies which have roles related to your domain...
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    FS: Others Croma 500 off 5000 (*3) evoucher( can be used online and offline)

    This voucher can be clubbed with any existing card offer. These can be used both online and offline stores
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    Streaming Services Subscription Sharing (Except Netflix)

    Looking for one zee5 slot. Please DM if available Thanks
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    Bought New TV : Problem is Music is high voice is low. Is it normal ? Suggest should i go for Sound bar or 5.1/2.1 channel speaker

    Try Auto Volume to ON/OFF and see if it improves Surround Sound = OFF If your TV has Equalizer settings, put Treble freq setting to Higher values and Bass to Lower. Bass freq is near 10Hz, Treble freq is near 10Khz check this video
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    Any recommendation for packers & movers from Delhi NCR to Bangalore?

    50k is less from NCR to Blore. Insisting again, DO NOT SKIP INSURANCE and put reasonable value to items during inspection. Also, after getting final quotation, you can bargain a good 15% discount. This whole shifting thing is very tiresome exercise. All the best
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    WTB "FHD monitor preferable with speakers" or a TV within 10K in Hyderabad

    bought this - @mods , pls close this thread
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    Online ticket booking - IRCTC alternatives

    Reviving old thread - Today, I am trying to book train ticket on irctc and its PITA. Tried FF, Edge and Chrome on lappy and chrome on mobile. The site stops at random places of ticket booking flow like below - Then, I just clicked on Disha icon out of frustration and ooh man, I never expected...