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    Audio Edifier Speakers worth it compared to the Z5500 , MX5021's?

    lol dude the topic shud have been "is z5500 worth it to be compared with Edifiers" :P thats all i wanna say :) for 10k budget u have chosen the best set - dA5000.
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    Audio HT setup for 40-50k. Advice Needed

    Onkyo HT 9300THX for 55k (or less at some places) try them best bang for buck with all "so called" certifications.
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    poor man's upgrade

    core 2 Duo Q8400 or E8400 ? lol still nice config........
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    Audio Logitech Z5500 or Edifier S550/750?

    i dont think S550D will come in India,S550 itself is hard to find........Digital version is very rare outside too.
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    Audio Logitech Z5500 or Edifier S550/750?

    yeah looks are great,m not saying z5500 is bad,but since its a s550 vs z5500 topic i want the TC to have a look at s550 too,believe me its looks are more luxurious and better :)
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    Audio Logitech Z5500 or Edifier S550/750?

    @strategy thats the point ! Build quality isnt topnotch ! Plastic for speakers ? cmon ! and u charging 17k for that,that aint justified........
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    Audio Logitech Z5500 or Edifier S550/750?

    S550 got 2 drivers with a tweeter in center speaker,so can we make a comparison here ? :D
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    Audio Logitech Z5500 or Edifier S550/750?

    well frankly i dont think Z5500 are 505W lol,i found out from some source that its sub is just 120-130W........anyways overall sound is wat matters :)
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    Audio Logitech Z5500 or Edifier S550/750?

    ok so let me put it straight guys,i recently got S550,and i auditioned Z5500 too before buying my system.people say for overall quality S550 > Z5500 very true becoz all S550 speakers have a dedicated tweeter which produce high range frequencies,and as usual speakers for mid range.So in treble...
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    Nokia 5233 restarting randomly, what to do ?

    remove the microSD card and then try,
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    Monitors Monitor Suggestion

    BenQ G2420 is might be another option, full 24" and cost somewhat around 11k
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    Nokia N72 Call Barring Help!

    all of the specified aps are symbian, so yes :)
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    Amigo 120mm and 80mm - 300 shipped

    dude they are easily availbale here in delhi :D,