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    Apple Watch Series 4

    Out of all other smart watches/fitness trackers, apple watch stands out with the ease of use and no fuss functionality. If you are a long time apple user, its better choice to stay within the apple ecosystem.
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    What is the best Antivirus For Home Use ?

    Been using kaspersky for 12+ years and it works best, no resources hogging. Currently using KTS which cost Rs. 1000~1200 for 3 years where i use on my pc, mac and it offers other features like parental control, password manager ( which i dont use cause im using 1password) and 300mb daily free on...
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    iOS Downgrade to iOS 10

    no way. like i said earlier, without blobs, nothing you can do. google "prometheus ios" and read how things work.
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    iOS Downgrade to iOS 10

    thats the scenarios from ios 10, semi, app crashes and try again. but the ray of hope comes as dev have been working and Jay Freeman posts that substrate for ios 11 will be updated soon.
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    iOS Downgrade to iOS 10

    its not signed ipsw, its by the time you restore from these fw(.ipsw file), itunes do send request for apple and if the fw is right than moment, you can upgrade or downgrade by restoring that fw. you can go back to ios 10 if you saved blobs and using nonce way. btw, where have you been,caves...
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    Camera app for Xperia

    is your phone rooted, then try google camera mod and that the best camera out there compared to any other offerings, period.
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    iOS Downgrade to iOS 10

    *mine no way apple still sign a year old firmware, apple usually stop signing off in a week to 10 days when new firmware is released btw, your iphone 6 is applicable for battery replacement and new fw 11.3 will be released early January 2018 as apple slow or throttles the cpu on older phones.
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    iOS Downgrade to iOS 10

    the only way ios devices upgrade or downgrade, if apple still signs the firmware. you can check and download the fw on other way is if you have saved blobs and using nonce way.
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    Inventory and Billing - which software?

    it depends on the volume of business, i would suggest tally if you have big turnover and lot of business. otherwise even android or ios apps does both accounts and inventory.
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    FS: Others Clearance sale various accesories

    Interested in air 2 case, PM'd you.
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    Looking for some PS3 Games

    Looking for Uncharted Series and Last of us. And if you other to clear at cheap price, ping me.
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    Budget Above 25K Is note 5 worth the premium above note 4?

    remember samsung made a huge profit from s7 and s7e, so probably the price of the note 7 will not be reduced till Q1 of 2017. if you like to pay the premium price tag.
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    Budget Above 25K Is note 5 worth the premium above note 4?

    better wait for month, price falls down as note7 gonna launch within the next 3 months. as you see note 4 is 2014 and with current specs its already outdated. so wait for a month and get note 5 or get current flagship from other companies like OP3...
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    Less than 10K Poor man's download rig!

    using a tab and ttorent for more than 1.5 years and it does works without a hitch till now. using the built in 32gig memory and its runs 24x7 and i'll put it on charge everyday for 2-2.5 hours and battery lasts for next 24 hours.
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    PS3 12GB Black at 10k!!

    did you received from the seller itself?