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    The games we play.

    In a random order, the games I have enjoyed the most : God of war 1 Bully Dark souls SmackDown pain Ico Double dragon Felix the cat Field runners Black
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    Workout Songs Suggestions Added to a playlist, this boosts my cardio by twice. Although, the gym speaker is always already engaged by Bollywood masala and love songs.
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    Game collection discussion (Physical copies only).

    Favorite genre and games : Souls games. Only games I found worthwhile this generation. And all time favourite was god of war, didn't like the latest one much. So collected these two over the years.
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Lifetime progress report, have been maintaining it from a few years : Felix the cat Double dragon 2,3 Ninja gaiden Snow bros RoboCop 3 Contra Super contra Aladin Adventure island Mighty final fight. Yie Ar Kung Fu 3 eyed boy Bugs bunny Tom & jerry Age of empires Smack down here comes the pain...
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    Awesome Game Soundtracks

    Ico is still the best soundtrack I have heard, beutiful and emotional. Matches perfectly.
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    Should i buy ps4 or play in cafe for exclusives?

    Buy a used PS4 and sell it back. You ll only incur electricity. Cafe is not worth it.