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    BSNL 16Mb/s upgrade options

    stupid bump protector shite oh it worked. lol :P
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    Sony PS3 Slim 250GB God Of War 3 Bundle

    How much would standalone PS3 120GB and 250GB be? Let me ask another thing: What about Red Dead Redemption availability? How quick can it come? :P
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    BSNL 16Mb/s upgrade options

    Hi guys, I'm back. :ashamed: Looking for a faster internet for better life. Dreams! I'm planning to switch to 16Mbps, 110GB cap, Rs. 5k/month plan. Is that even available in Punjab? Is there a better option? Tata, Connect, Airtel are...
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    Discounts on Apple Macbook pro?

    Discounts are available in Reliance Digital iStore in Ludhiana.. Check with your local iStore or something?
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    BSNL Bandwith increased?

    It never doubled for me. :-?
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    Audio Should i buy ipod touch now

    If you want, buy it now.
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    Applelicious (many pics~)

    wow jealous and arrogant exactly. i would have bought a macbook pro + senn. instead of spending on bose. I'm sure you'll long for a pro. congrats for the plung. :)
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    Any C Programmer In The House?

    lol maddy, what a fake reply.
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    Fianlly bought a decent phone

    blah android. SunnyBoi.
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    Laptops Info Needed: Good Apple MacBook service centres in Bangalore

    ok i had similar issue. the system menu icon always said battery not charging. and i would have to swivel the magsafe cord a bit, and at a rare chance it would start charging. it always did kept running on power though, just didnt charge the battery. also, my cord had turned bad yellow at near...
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    What is Google Wave & how to use it?

    Not at all worth anything. Believe me. No use hunting even invites. Sucks for the hype.
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    Car & Bike Are these models coming out in 2010?

    How about the Yamaha MT01?
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    Steam Holiday Sale 2009

    ^ go for it if you love to pwn everyone with skills you'll learn as a newbie. Like it's crime to play it casually. :P Jasku: get L4D2
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    Seeeeeikoooooooooooooooo is here !!!!

    YouTube - Seiko Watch Deal - Alarm Chronograph Mens Watch SNAB59P1 Was this the video for review? :S
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    cod 4 error

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ no.