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    FS: Cabinets Corsair SPEC DELTA RGB

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    Budget 0-20k APU or CPU+GPU

    I intend to game and do programming on my pc so I am thinking I should go for an APU or CPU GPU combo also suggest which processor and GPU to buy with best Mobo and ram Budget for processor is 12000 GPU I have is zotac 730
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    Want to Upgrade PC

    In need of buying a new processor to build my first pc it should cost around 10 to 12k max I am thinking of ryzen 3 3200g without a gpu or i3 10100 with a zotac geforce gt 730 or suggest some suitable options
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    Want to Upgrade PC

    hi friends, i want to sell the following pc components, please tell how much i can sell these for: AMD Athlon II 640+ processor Gigabyte 785G mobo 4 GB DDR 3 Corsair ram (two) Zebtronics Bijli cabinet I will be upgrading to new Processor, mobo and DDR 4 ram. BUDGET 20K Just have a small...