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    a good rar/zip password recovery tool?

    there are a lot of password crackers for rar and zip but frankly my experience with most of them is bad till now none has worked for me. thanks
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    Storage Solutions hard drive led

    it is normal !!
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    Windows 7 64bit or 32bit

    if u are not planning to increase the memory then i think 32-bit should be fine. again all depends on your usage, if it is just for casuals use like surfing, office work and presentations then i think 32 bit is good enough. as such as of now there are no major benefits for going 64 bit.
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    Broadmax mumbai [lip smacking tariff]

    i doubt it will be true 1mbps i think it might be shared
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    no internet access in windows 7

    I have 2 computers 1 has winxp and another has win 7. I cable broadband internet connection installed in winxp computer then i put another network card in the winxp computer and connected the same to the win 7 computer. after which i was able to sucessfully network the 2 computers and exchange...
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    CPU/Mobo Suggest mobo for AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE

    Why not a amd 785 chipset ddr3 based mobo
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    Security Software Antivirus for Windows 7 ?

    i have been using avira since quite some time on win 7 and works fine. hence avira
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    PC Peripherals Proc + Mobo + GFX card for Animation & Gaming - have to buy before next week, help

    well i would suggest that pour in your money to buy a good powerfull CPU preferrabelly Intel c2Q. and instead of spending on a graphic card. because frankly speaking graphic card will not help u in rendering the image it will be used only for display and redrawing, hence go for a moderate card...
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    Buying a new 1.5 ton. Split AC

    voltas or onida
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    CPU/Mobo Long beeps while gaming, motherboard chipset heating up

    I have a similar situation on my Gigabyte board with intel chipset. The only difference was that ur system beeps and mine behaved erratic. I would suggest is either put a HSF on the chipset or apply some thermal compound on the chipset then replace the heatsink. This thing worked in my case.
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    CPU/Mobo Which has a lower Total cost of ownership, Intel or AMD?

    hello !! please excuse me !! i am not saying that AMD has an over heating problem persistant. What i meant was all 4 of my CPU's used to cross 75 - 80 degrees and then eventually the system would shut down and i had to wait for the CPU to cool and restart. Gradually this thing increased day by...
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    Windows XP 64 bit

    now a days most of the hardware stuff has 64 bit support. well in 2-3 years time all might have been shifted on 64bit. i guess that the next major version of windows will be only 64 bit.
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    How many of you are planning to move to 64bit windows 7

    I am currently carrying out trials of windows 7 x64 RC on my amd system and it seems to work fine till now, not had any major problem with any app until now.
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    CPU/Mobo Which has a lower Total cost of ownership, Intel or AMD?

    Anirudh, i do not mean that amd's are hot, the recent ones that i am using are a lot better and cooler, even the my cpu's that came after the RMA worked fine and cool. but what i mean that there are some pieces that are defective and they seem to have an problem of over heating and in my case...