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    Android HTC One M8 - Help Required on ROM

    Hello I got access to a HTC One M8 (somebody got it from the US), me thinks it is a sprint device. Now when I switch it on, I get a message on the start up screen - " This build is for development purposes only, not for distribution without HTC's written permission." When I check the software...
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    WTB Blackberry 9360,9790,9900,9220,9320

    9700? If yes, I have one in near mint condition.
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    What should be my expectations for a Lumia 610, black, mint condition, with bill and all bundled stuff. Bought in January 2013.
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    Laptops Lenovo ThinkPad T430 for $740 + 10k shipping/customs. Good deal?

    T430 does have a brilliant BACKLIT keyboard. Atleast mine does. :)
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    Sony Xperia S/P/U/Sola/GO Thread

    Bought a SONY Xperia S today! Loving it so far. Was a tough choice between XS ans SGS 2. I hope i made the right decision!
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    Samsung Focus i917 (at&t unlocked) - MINT

    Phone received by the buyer. Thread can be closed after exchange of ratings. Thanks.
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    Samsung Focus i917 (at&t unlocked) - MINT

    I was using this as a secondary phone along with IPHONE, Blackberry Bold. Switching one number to CDMA now hence this phone is not needed. I bought it from eBay.
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    Samsung Focus i917 (at&t unlocked) - MINT

    Hi, Up for sale is my 45 days sparely used samsung focus. The phone is running on Mango 7.5. Screen is protected with scratchguard since day 1. Phone is in mint condition. All ORIGINAL accessories included in the sale. Earphones are still packed unused. Accessories Included: Original Samsung...
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    Samsung Focus + WP7 Mango Beta 2 Review

    I can't see that option under settings menu. I'm on Mango Official update for at&t.
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    Samsung Focus + WP7 Mango Beta 2 Review

    No option to enable SMS Delivery reports?
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    Brand New Samsung Focus Case-Mate Barely There Case

    Received and installed. Thanks for the deal. :)
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    Blackberry Bold2 9700

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    *OLED* ZTE BLADE / DELL XCD35 / Orange San Francisco

    Phone received by arjie. iTrust ratings exchanged. Mods can please close this thread.