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    FS: Mobile Bootlooping POCO F1 6/128 (Box included)

    Please check online about hard resetting for poco f1. Xda forum might help.
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    Budget 20-25K Smartphone for Elderly

    Just one 5G band on oneplus nord. Marketing hype of 5G.
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    Need suggestions for buying AC

    Please get it confirm that some brands don't honour warranty if installation done by local technician.
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    FS: Others Selling lots of Random Stuff

    Interested in wireless charger... kindly specify model details. Thanks
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    FS: Others Multiple items - Graphic card, DDR3 RAM, Asus Sound Card, Cooler master cabinet and psu, 120gb SSD, Intel i3 3220 processor, TP-Link wifi router

    Maybe router model: TP-Link TL-MR3620. Beamform tech router but the biggest drawback is both WAN & Ethernet ports supports at max 100 Mbps.