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    Laptops Cooling Pad around 1k

    i need a coolingpad too for my HP DV4 (14 inches) but i wanna make sure that does a coolingpad, having a normal fan, could actually cool down our laptop.
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    Motorola Defy

    but the condition seems nice... i wish i could buy one (out of cash right now)!!
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    Original Apple and Motorola Earphones

    it says "Sorry, you don't have permission for that" can't you just do it for the apple one...?
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    Original Apple and Motorola Earphones

    can u post external links to the pictures.... as i'm unable to see that link
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    BlackBerry Curve 8520 (2 months old)

    4000.... i'll buy it right now...
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    HTC HD2 with bucketful of accessories

    i want an hd2 but under 10k... lemme know if price is negotiable...