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    Windows Victim of ransomware attack?

    Ransomware doesn't affect any random partition but boot drive and also all drive. And when you boot you are presented with customized infected messages. wallpapers etc. Your desktop icons etc. all icon-less aka encrypted etc. Try connecting only your boot drive along with that 2tb seagate. Also...
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    Windows Is Windows 11 stable now?

    Stick to win 10 only as for now..
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    CPU/Mobo AMD 5600X prices

    See you didnt mentioned the source...
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    How to ship packages to the US of A?

    Why not inquire in dtdc. They seem to be trusted and vfm as well.
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    Chip supply shortages !!

    Be it even a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini... pushbutton with a 2 key set is a provided. Now suddenly if the world has changed then the first thing one should do is while booking the car pay extra and get dual key set directly from get genuine keys and everything factory made.
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    CPU/Mobo AMD 5600X prices

    Go Ahead! Olx, Te FB or where.
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    Motherboard Red CPU and Orange DRAM lights

    List your rams too what brand and timings. Did you tried a single ram stick in each of the slot, is the system booting properly?
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    OC & Modding Can 3700x owners please share your pbo settings and what frequencies you guys get?

    Whats you cooling methodology? What hsf or aio etc. What mobo.
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    Affordable way to set up a simple surveillance system?

    And if no dedicated internet then a phone permanently hooked up to a charger cum ups cum inverter. And obviously you might be visiting the place at least once a month so you can during your stay give that phone some rest. A good local sim network with ultd recharge data will be handy here.
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    Affordable way to set up a simple surveillance system?

    How far are the nearby houses? A buzzing alarm makes sense which can be remotely controlled. As if someone tress passes the alarm will get activated and naturally alert nearby houses which will/might take actions on the trespassers or at least phone you and remotely you can disable the alarm...
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    Chip supply shortages !!

    Isnt this a joke or some seriously kiddish lame reason? Anything having keys be it cars, lockers, furniture, cupboards whatever, a set of two keys is a mandate. Its like gpu selling with a partial working proccy and 1.5 fans.
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    Minimum recharge for jio prepaid to keep the number alive

    Doing this to my docomo turned airtel no. Last recharged in Aug 21 and now in this month that too because of fear from jio exp. who disconnected my jio just for not recharging in past 90 days (Jan 22 was last rc for jio)
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    CPU/Mobo AMD 5600X prices

    Not wanna argue but did you ever saw in recent times listed that proccy for even 15k used ? I"m no fanboy or anything just that its still a worthy processor no matter what intel did. Only an unusual emergency deal will sell it used for under 15k else its 15 or +.
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    Where to buy Fake ( above 95cm ) Plants for Decoration at cheap / fair price

    Try some local decorative shops. Esp festive stockists. I have few in my vicinity will inquire and let you know the rates in a day or two time. Also, try amazon I found under 900 bucks and even for 300 bucks.
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    Continuously rising medicines cost-- Why ?

    Its as good strategy as followed by many amazon/fk sellers by selling same product by various sellers at differential rates. Its like hitting jackpot.