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    AM5 and Ryzen 7000 News

    Good research 95C is still not good to have as you will a heater in your room. Interested to see how performance will be with different temp limits set on different coolers.
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    Get upto 39 months of XBOX Gamepass Ultimate for Rs. 7,478 only (Rs.206/month + Rs.50)

    I can still see ₹750 for 6 months while gifting, so should still work.
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    Flipkart deals Maybe this? Do check for reviews & buy extended warranty.
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    Budget Above 40k Android phone needed, priority - camera, updates.

    S22+ is 57k with card offers, Axis FK CC. Maybe exchange old phone? It will get updates till android 16, even pixel doesn't give 4 updates.
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    Budget 30-40k Long lasting Samsung/Apple phone around 35k

    S20FE 5G is already selling for 30k + card offers. S20FE 5G is superior hardware-wise over A52s 5G. A52s will get android 14, whereas android 13 is last for S20FE.
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    Budget 25-30k Compact phone

    Exynos Samsung devices are a no go for me, else I will try to stick to Samsung for myself as much as possible. With the death of the real OP, I doubt we will see another gem like S20FE 5G anytime soon.
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    Budget 25-30k Compact phone

    Check some more reviews for it & even S21 FE (will be 33k or so in FK). Both of them have heating issues on load but seem good otherwise, especially for the sale price.
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    4k VFM TV. Budget 25k

    Forget after sales, no idea of panel quality for Croma TV. Like few years back Xiaomi sold 220-250nit 4K TVs at such prices & was just not bright enough. These days Mi/Redmi one is close to 350 nits & Vu/Hisense is 400nits from what I remember.
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    4k VFM TV. Budget 25k

    Sansui, Nokia/Moto, Onida, Toshiba, etc have apparently just licensed their names to someone else from what I know, correct me if I'm wrong. Nokia/Moto TVs have their license with FK & FK likely tied up with someone else to manufacture them. IMO get Vu 50" 4K for 30k or lower on sale. Or maybe...
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    Budget 25-30k Compact phone

    Check Pixel 6a in flipkart. Unless you plan to game, it should be fine. Under 30k is a good price for it, definitely would not have recommended it over 40k that it was launched for. Take the call between iOS & android yourself. I personally would not buy any iOS phone because of the software...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Buy from whichever trusted seller has it for the cheapest, be it amazon, md, vedant or primeabgb. It went for 24k a few days back, so keep that in mind.
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    Monitors Issue with my LG 32GK650F ( not displaying 144Hz when AMD Free Sync is turned on)

    Use DP, not HDMI on desktops. Might be an HDMI bandwidth issue, kind of common. My friend's monitor was limited to 1080p 120Hz with HDMI, but not on DP.
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    4k VFM TV. Budget 25k

    IMO just get Vu 4K 43" & its additional warranty. It has the best panel among budget TVs, although VA. Not sure why people are recommending 1080p panels when this one has good upscaling for 1080p & even 720p, 2 of my friends have it, 2nd has 50" model. Day by day the 4K content is just...
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    3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for INR 50

    Login to your account & see. I have personally claimed ₹50 offers multiple times.
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    AM5 and Ryzen 7000 News

    For comparison, i7 12700 scores 21k+ in multi-core & ~1880 in single core tests. So value proposition looks better on 12700 + B660 + DDR4 vs R5 7600X based system for now. Unless R5 7600X has a significant gain, tough sell. Anyways, we will know more soon.