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    PC Peripherals Recommend a Good Inverter or UPS

    Instead of buying a UPS with 2 hour backup time why don't you buy an UPS with say 30 min. backup and an inverter which can provide power backup for 5 hours or so and connect them.This setup will cost you much less.
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    PC Peripherals e6300 + 19 inch TFT - Zenith PC only 31K??

    ^^Yup. These branded PC makers use one good component in their PC to promote them.
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    PC Peripherals Master Hardware Price-list

    Nice start........ I don't mind you copy pasting the prices from other sites...... Now plz copy paste from all the indian sites you can find so that we don't have to go check out all those websites.Also can someone keep updating these prices every month and add more items to the list.
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    Core 2 and Some new stuff

    Congrats lord!!!! Great setup!!!!
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    Avi compression tools

    If you find virtual dub too hard to use, try out Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 2.Excellent program and very easy to use.
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    Graphic Cards XFX 7950GT Extreme Vs Sapphire 1900XT 512MB

    Just make sure it's not techboy's used 1900XT card:D:D Just Kidding!! I believe that's a good price.
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    Graphic Cards Pcie Card for 7k ?

    Get Palit 7600GT for 7.5 k
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    Microsoft Zune Thread

    Zune is probrably better than ipod because of the wifi (which i don't care) and the better and brighter screen. But what i was really looking for was a player which can directly download songs from the net or listen to online radio,with a bluetooth headset,built-in-GPS and battery life that...
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    iRiver S10

    When are they gonna release it here???
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    iRIVER Clix

    ^^ I doubt whether iriver clix is available in india.Only iriver U10 is available here - 1 GB would cost i believe 12k and 2 GB around 14k. i believe iriver clix was made specifically keeping in mind the american market.
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    PC Peripherals Suggest a 2.1 speaker !!!

    Has anyone tried the Altec Lansing VS2321 ??? How is it compared to atp3 ??
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    PC Peripherals Best 19' CRT From Samsung ?

    Samsung 997 DF or 997 MB
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    Have you played anything heavy on bass???? And if so, is there any distortion at moderate to high volume levels??? Also how is the gaming experience at high volumes???
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    Monitors Confused about LCD monitors

    ^^Yup prices of LCD's will keep on falling for most companies have over produced them:D:D Wish they did the same for ddr2 rams
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    Dell 2407

    Thx google.