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    Do you really think Aliexpress needs any such proof in current situation when our country has such anti China sentiment? They may refund once or twice but it is not going to be like old days when we could have got 5 refund out of 10 orders. The parcels have a lot of stuff written in Chinese...
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    I am just speculating in current scenario after Aliexpress ban and a new FAQ page popping up in Aliexpress app for us. Aliexpress has clearly mentioned that orders returned or destroyed by customs won't be refunded so if they found a lot of disputes from India for orders that haven't reached...
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    Yes, but if the package is held by customs or returned then the money will not be refunded or only partially refunded as stated in new terms and conditions for India. But a lot of parcels were routed via other countries so I guess there should not be any problem if the order is trackable. For...
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    For me, both app and website are working. Website is working fine on bsnl and app is having trouble showing all images on jio but working fine on bsnl fiber. I ordered something worth 850 including shipping on 24th. It is going to be shipped by Sun You. Lets see if it arrives. Edit- So...
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    Camera Query about Memory cards

    Yes, the buffer cannot handle such a huge difference and no, the rating is not minimum value. I realized later that the speed mentioned on the card is in "MBps" while the camera ratings is in "mbps" so the card can record a maximum of 70 MBPS which is 70*8= 560 mbps while the camera can output a...
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    BSNL Fiber router query

    Which modem are you using? Is it the BSNL provided ?
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    Suggest a good vacuum cleaner from ₹4k - ₹7k

    I am leaning towards this one Philips-PowerPro
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    Suggest a good vacuum cleaner from ₹4k - ₹7k

    So which one to buy in 12-13k budget ? If I want the best one for home and car with less maintenance. Which accessories are needed ? Also some user posted a pic of a bag-less Bosch 060197C0F0 GAS 12-25 Wet/Dry Extractor (25 litre) Looks like it has some kind of bag so I am confused. Can you...
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    Suggest a good vacuum cleaner from ₹4k - ₹7k

    What about this from Phillips? Even Amazon is selling a bag less one with filter for even cheaper but not sure about quality.
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    Paytm launches their own app store

    Paytm is a Chinese company. More than 50% of its share is owned by Chinese companies.
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    Flipkart deals

    I think members here are too hard on flipkart. Well I only buy fashion products from Flipkart and my experience is good so far. I don't buy smartphones so no idea about it. Shopping experience on Amazon is pathetic but product variety is extremely good so I buy from Amazon. For me, Amazon pros...
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    WTB Wacom

    It doesn't work like that. You can apply light pressure to draw thin lines and heavy pressure to draw thick lines so there is no effort in it. You can easily increase decrease the brush size by tapping bracket keys in photoshop.
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    WTB Wacom

    I am using the following tablet Huion H1060P Graphics Drawing Tablet When I bought it a few years back, my version did not have the new tilt function- battery free stylus. Now the price is less and the stylus is far better. It is a solid tablet for photoshop and drawings. Size really matters in...
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    WTB Wacom

    Both of the following will be equally good for a small tablet. Wacom Huion Right now I am using Huion (not the model I mentioned above) and it is a great value for money. Its build quality is very good, feel of the pen is like drawing on a real paper and drivers are mature too. So you can go for...
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    WTB Wacom

    This is a refill for wacom ball point pen which is used on a wacom slate to digitize handwritten notes on paper. You don't need this for the tablet you are looking for.