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    FS: Laptop Lenovo Y510P - i7-4770K, Nvidia 2GB 755M

    i7-4770k on a laptop ? yeah right !
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    The Motorola Defy Thread

    @sunny27 .. thanx man .. that worked :)
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    The Motorola Defy Thread

    anyone using airtel having problems with miui .. ? i dont get any signal at all :/
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    Android under 7k

    no new PM from u today .. just the one u sent yesterday ... or is the timestamp on TE working wrong ??
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    Android under 7k

    i have a motorola xt5 running 2.3.7 if you are interested ... it is like 5 months old though .. pm me if you are interested ..
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    Phone under 12k

    i have a 3 months old motorola xt5 ( (all accesories+ box included)9months remaining warranty ) in grreat condition . will sell it for 10k inclusive of shipping . let me know if interested
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    2 months old 4th Generation Apple iPod Touch 8 GB

    @ cedric is in the right section .... Sent from my JellyBean using Tapatalk
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    BSNL 3G Thread

    @ pratikb ... quit whining ... @ all : guys is there any thread for comparing 3g speeds on laptop using 3g mobile with 7.2 hsdpa vs data card of same config as modem .. ? plz direct me to it .... else give ur views .. battery life not an issue since it will be usb tethered . Sent from my...
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    PC Peripherals minimalistic keyboard

    @ whatsinaname ... dinovo is huge ... :P and i dont like chiclet design ( which i have on my asus vx6) ...thts why i was looking for a full keyboard .. anyway .. logitechk100 is decent and cheap ... going for tht as of now :)
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    PC Peripherals minimalistic keyboard

    thanx nehaladsul .. going for k100 .. i dint want it to be thin ....just a perfect rectangle ..without any extra space around keys .... Sent from my JellyBean using Tapatalk
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    PC Peripherals minimalistic keyboard

    i am looking for a minimalistic keyboard like apple keyboard or arctic cooling k381 .... but they are on a higher budget range .. anyone knows of similar keyboard at lower range ?? < rs 1000 ?? ty Sent from my JellyBean using Tapatalk
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    PC Peripherals mouse and mouse mat

    i use taito with my DA .... and its awesome \m/ but if u want it at ~500 ..go with goliathus speed edition ... it has similar texture as taito .. but the extra size helps a lot if are a ingame 1.0 sensitivity playr like me :D Sent from my JellyBean using Tapatalk
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    how much to expect on this .. 1. sony ericsson xperia x1 ..almost 1 year old .. perfectly working ..but signs of wear , also it has a small internal crack ( reported by many se x1 users , factory flaw) near the battery . flashed with lechux genesis rom 2. 320 gb , 7200 rpm WD internal...
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    arctic cooling k381 or a look-alike

    ARCTIC K381 · Keyboards · Equipment · Arctic Cooling looking for a minimalistic keyboard like this . suggestions of something other than this and a bit cheaper would also help :) thanx edit : is the post in right section ???
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    Motorola Atrix 4G

    awesome :) gud luck on ur sale ...