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    WTB RX570 or RX 580

    hav a 2 year old zotac mini gtx 1060 6gb no warranty bought in 2018
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    FS: Video Card EVGA GTX 1080Ti FTW3

    just asking - can u reduce the asking price please
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    FS: Monitor and LCD ASUS VP228H MONITOR FOR SALE (under warranty)

    ASUS VP228H MONITOR FOR SALE 1080p full HD 21.5 Inch 60hz LOCAL SALE ONLY LOCATION KOLKATA Expected Price (Rs) 5900...
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    WTB Need Ryzen CPU

    location ?
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    WTB Looking for Ryzen 1st/2nd Gen CPUs

    location ?
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    WTB [WTB]: RAM DDR4 3200/3600Mhz 8gb(1x8) or 16gb(2x8)

    have 1x8gb Spectrix D40 3000 Mt/s for sale
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    Hi im from Kolkata

    thnx for the tip The Great One
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    Hi im from Kolkata

    hello fellow techies , i just joined 2day when i learnt that 2nd hand products are bought and sold here. i just want to ask if buying is safe? i mean is there any chance im gonna get scammed of my money when i buy stuff