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    eBay India Hot Deals and Coupons

    Anybody with an unused 15% coupon plz. Will pay through NEFT.
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    Netconnect+/Photon+/3G modem

    Check the PM
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    CPU/Mobo suggest CPU/Mobo

    I have a budget of 15k for CPU+MOBO (intel preferable).Usage normal gaming with 6850 and cooler master 600w, please suggest.
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    8Gb Sandisk Cruzer @ 400

    Anyone getting more.. ?? i need one
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    ZTE Blade aka Orange San Francisco aka Dell XCD35 / 100 GBP / Approx 8.5k in India

    Re: ZTE Blade aka Orange San Francisco aka Dell XCD35 / 100 GBP / Approx 8.5k in Indi any current links to buy Oled one .....???
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    Defective / Dead laptops/laptop parts

    i need a LCD display for IBM think pad R52 type 1860 A
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    Few queries regarding 5233

    Q)SQ of music player esp. 5233 ? My official Phone is 5233 while my Pvt is 5800XM ... All softwares are compatible in both systems (Symbian V5) SQ. i find no diff. using headphones... surely speaker phone is pretty weak. in 5233 for obvious reasons... Headsets : Hippo boom (Travel) / Dell...
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    Laptops Dell 1520 90-watt Power Adapter Bust

    i bought old dell Adapter of a busted laptop from a repair guy at nehru place for 500 bucks... the all dell adapters i have seen till now 90watt ones and 65 watt ones are same for all their laptops (Not claiming ... just saying seen till now)... dell autho. dealers was asking for 2250/- ...
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    New phone for about 14k

    You can set the navigation buttons ---> enable or disable like you please.... Navigation to req. setting... Menu ---> settings ---> Application Manager---->Installed Apps---> Gmail (Here you look for your app) ---->Options --->Suite Settings --->On Screen Keyboard ---> Settings here are 1) Off...
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    New phone for about 14k

    you get a Game and Navigation Type On screen Keyboard image attached
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    New phone for about 14k

    Ok! Games 1) tic-tac-toe, Assains creed, Need for Speed, Gforce ,Connect4.sisx ,Far Cry 2.jar, FB Twisted v0.2.sisx, FerrariGT.jar, Hexxagon Labs.SIS, Jueguitos.sis, Midnight Bowling 2.jar, Moto Racing.jar, NFL 2010.jar, Nitro Street Racing 2.jar, PES 09.jar, Shake Shake Game.sis, Sudoku...