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    FS: Desktops FS: Old systems, components and accessories clearance

    Can you please PM me a list of keyboards and Android tabs available?
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    "Do you have XYZ Credit Card?" Thread

    Anybody with ICICI card? Need to buy a surprise gift for wife so beware, might need to return it later if she doesn't like it. Price would be 6k or less with 10% cashback so I guess I would be paying the amount paid - cashback amount
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    OC & Modding RAM issues

    I have a ryzen 1700 and a B-350 board. Last year I bought 4*8 gigs of Adata RAM which were not in a kit. These gave me a lot of problems. Sometimes, it won't boot, other times it would give bsod, or freeze. It happened almost like 8 out of 10 times. Running 2 sticks didn't give errors. Got same...
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    Anybody here living near Aerocity Delhi? Need help

    Hi guys, I live in Greater Noida and I am buying a VR headset from a member here and need to check it with a PC or laptop. I have a desktop so can't take it. The other person also doesn't have a laptop so I need someone's help. Anybody with a laptop or desktop and living near Aerocity who can...
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    FS: Home Audio Video [Hyderabad] disposing old crt tv & pentium cpu

    It can also be used with PS2. Bought one along with PS2 5-6 years ago in like 4000.
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    Nvidia: $10B GPU Demand May Be Gone Permanently

    I guess most of the gamers and 3d content creators would be happy to see nvidia take a huge loss. Paid around 30k extra just to get a GPU required for my work last year.
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    FS: Consoles Oculus quest 2 256 gb

    Little late but is it still available?
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    iOS How to recover deleted photos from iphone?

    Okay, so I just received a message from a cousin who asked me how to recover deleted photos from iphone 6S? They aren't on icloud she said. And neither they are inside the "Recently Deleted" folder. Now, I have never had an iphone and have no idea about those so asking here, what can be done...
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    Creating 720p or higher video out of old DVD

    Use Topaz Video Enhance AI for upscaling the encoded video. Handbrake is good. There are many others but haven't used them in like a very long time so don't remember at the moment
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    Suggestion for Dual band router

    Just did a quick search about OpenWRT as I had never heard about it and it looks good. Any idea why on their website it retails for 2199 but on Amazon and Flipkart it is available for 1799? Thanks man. I currently live in a place where I have only two broadband providers. Thanks to living in a...
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    Suggestion for Dual band router

    Can someone please suggest with their experience a good dual band router within 2000? On daily basis, 3x2.4 GHz devices and 3x5Ghz devices will be connected to it. My broadband connection is 100 Mbps. The house area is approx 1900 square feet and single floor. The maximum distance from router...
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    WTB RTX 3090 and some other peripherals

    Same here. Waiting for the 4000 series to maybe buy a 3090 or a 4060+ with atleast 16 gigs of VRAM
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    WTB RTX 3090 and some other peripherals

    Hey, search on PC selling websites. I have seen inno3d and ZOTAC cards starting from 1 lac 26 thousand. Although I won't recommend inno3d. Or just wait for few more weeks/months. These were selling for 1.5 lac+ only 2-3 weeks ago and look at the price now
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    Where to buy plastic grade 5 fridge bottles?

    Can you please share image of the bottle?