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    Monitors Which site to Buy? DELL U2412 Monitor

    I am still not able to buy U2413, dell is quoting 30k + What do you guys suggest? Any better place to buy this?
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    Best Smartphone in India under 15k

    That is a nice phone, i liked it. Is it discontinued? 19k is still priced high if its a discontinued phone right with single core & old GPU?
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    Samsung Galaxy R - a good choice?

    No luck with Galaxy R locally I guess its Defy, for me online looks cheaper than local. Min I got was 16k.
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    Samsung Galaxy R - a good choice?

    Thanks rtkomar, that is a good heads up Defy Plus is slightly faster & has some battery improvements hence I was more keen on that than Just Defy. Let me try my luck with local shops. Thanks again
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    Samsung Galaxy R - a good choice?

    I have budget for 16k "Android" phone. Galaxy R looks very appealing and worth stretching for. Somebody said 18k but could never find that deal. Will check with the local shop today. Other phones I had in my scope HTC Desire S - Awesome build but 3.7 with 1Ghz & 768RAM - 19k Galaxy SL 4"...
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    Canon 600D with kit lens? or 60D body only ?

    brand new? what price are you offering me?
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    Canon 600D with kit lens? or 60D body only ?

    Hey ! Im getting a deal for the Canon 600D with kit 18-55mm IS II lens + Camera bag + 4gb SDHC memory card + Hayo UV filter (2yr warranty etc) for a price of Rs.42,000 Is it a good deal? or should i go for a Canon 60D Body Only for Rs.43,000. (2yr warranty included) the problem is that i...
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    Careers and Employment Thread

    Step 2 : Yes we are hiring. We are openly looking for smart passionate Web developer who has good understanding about various web technologies. Its your opportunity to work in innovative start up environment. About Borget Solutions : Founded in 2007, young creative enthusiasts with a passion...
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    The Photography Thread !

    Caption : Arjuna's Fish Eye Link : Arjuna's Fish Eye on Flickr - Photo Sharing! ^^ Meta : Flickr: More detail about Arjuna's Fish Eye
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    The Photography Thread !

    Thanks @harish_21_10 @delirious? @hp-india ^^ Yes will post that too.
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    The Photography Thread !

    Caption : I love Music Link : I love Music on Flickr - Photo Sharing! About : Me and my bro experimenting with light painting .... will post more later.
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    How to convert print pencil sketches to vectors?

    Yes you can trace using PhotoShop and illustrator. 1. Scan and port your image to PhotoShop. 2. Make the image greyscale or 2 colors and increase the contrast to max. 3. Merge the output, select and copy paste the image to illustrator. 4. This is tricky but depending on the art you will have...
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    [SHOW-OFF] Artwork-Design

    Here is mine did for Republic day My bro posed for it :P Some comments on FaceBook page
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    Happy New Year 2010 ( Artworks )

    Thanks, Here is another one for Republic Day ^^ Asked my Bro to pose :) You can check out our Facebook page
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    The Photography Thread !

    Caption : A Hope Flickr Link : Link