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    Soundmagic 20% off - pl-13 @ 425 , pl11 @750 , pl-30 @1190 , mp-21 @ 1190

    Hi Pristinenote, saw that your office is based in Navi Mumbai. I also stay in NM. Could come to your shop to pick up personally...could I save on shipping and stuff?
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    The Aam Admi Party

    Instead of fighting for more reservation, I would suggest to all political parties to make existing reservation more effective. The benefits of reservation are reaped by people who have already benefitted by it. Devise a system where people who have benefitted from it are exlcluded from it...
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    Mehenga roye ek baar, sasta roye baar baar - Your Stories

    From what I understand, the topic says for good durable things you need to pay premium. All I am saying that even cheaper goods from smaller/ little known brands are sometimes good and durable. Example, 1) even when Soundmagic was a little known company, its earphones were better and cheaper...
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    Mehenga roye ek baar, sasta roye baar baar - Your Stories

    :(The topic title is not necessarily true . While building PC I went for Asus motherboard which was pricest motherboard (and termed as best) in the particular category I was looking for. It developed problems within a mont. Same problem arose after repairing and had a harrowing time replacing...
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    How is Flipkart making profit?

    Flipkart is not looking at profit in short term. Their aim like Amazon is to make buyers addicted to online shopping and specifically to their own site so that they do not look elsewhere for shopping. The prices for items are low only in new categories introduced by flipkart. The categories...
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    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Discussion Thread

    I personally enjoyed 3 more than 2 or 1. Maybe because I played 3 without any expectations and I enjoyed it lot more. I would recommend playing any game after the hype for it has gone down considerably or has no hype but good score as you go in minimum expectations and enjoy it even more.
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    Bachelor shifting/relocating to Navi/Mumbai, checklist??

    I am a local guy here. I would recommend looking for home in Airoli or in Navi Mumbai. Do not look for accomodation outside Navi Mumbai. Since, you have a bike I would recommend you to bring it along and yes it will be totally worth it. I would recommend you to find room partners as rent in Navi...
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    Aarushi case: Court awards life sentence to Talwars

    It is a very interesting case. Read about this on Wikipedia - search 'Noida double murder case'.
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    Which Bank to choose?

    I would suggest ICICI. I wont call the bank great but it is good in terms of all the services it provides especially internet banking. Citi is the best but it is a niche bank.
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    Why all the hate for local brands?

    My 2 cents to this discussion, I bought Micromax Canvas HD because I didn't want to buy a costly phone. I must say the build quality, ease of use and smoothness is on par with high end phones. Not a single issue till date. Best smartphone in below 15000 category. I think Indian companies should...
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    Corsair Customer Support - Feedback Thread

    I came here just to post this. Yes....Corsair India service is awesome. Here is my experience: After my PSU - TX750W went almost dead, I checked info for RMA. I found this page in Google search. I sent a mail to like above. They instructed me to submit my PSU at nearest...
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    PORTAL 2 - Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official "Portal 2 " Thread ok guys, can anyone install the game from the DVD coz I m unable to install it offline
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    Awesome Game Soundtracks

    Crysis 2 has the best music I have heard ever in games.
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    Crysis 2 - Discussion Thread

    The story didn't explain many things but it is not as horribly told as Killzone series. Crysis 2 was let down by bad AI, no enemy variety, no challenging situations, bugs but story and way it was told was really cool. The opening sequence of every chapter was really awesome.
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    Crysis 2 - Discussion Thread

    wait till next week to get hands on Crysis 2. I have pre-ordered Homefront from Flipkart and have still not received it. :(