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    Nokia 6300

    are you ready to drop the price any further... i am genuinely interested if you do drop it...
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    Fs: Xfx 6200le

    k... bill? warranty? OCed? my friend just might buy this...
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    Fs: Xfx 6200le

    AGP? if its agp pls hold....
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    FS: AMD rig

    man post some pics of the psu and hold the psu for me... (pics not really needed, but incase u dont have any problems, pls do..) btw i am the person who came along with sanz today to buy the xfx card... :)
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    FS: Old AMD Based Rig

    yea, and that hdd to me... (if its cheap)...
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    Sony W5 charger + 4 cybershot batteries for sale

    yup.... wats the model no. of the batteries... i just got a new sony T2, wanted a battery for that :)
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    FS: Transcend 512mb 400MHz with Copper Heatsink

    where did u get the heatsink? can i buy that separately from you?
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    FS : 2*1 GB DDR1 400Mhz Transcend

    wat exactly do you mean? --- u want a price drop? --- u r dropping price on behalf of thread starter? please be clear and specific...
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    FS 128mb pine agb grafics card xfx 5200

    thats it kunal... i'll pic up the card frm u on monday from andheri... (tell the time) 850 buck.. --- DEAL CLOSED ---
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    FS 128mb pine agb grafics card xfx 5200

    man.. i dint recieve your pm, apparently my inbox was full, so it got bounced, can u send it again?
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    FS 128mb pine agb grafics card xfx 5200

    wat abt the price drop... r u going to reduce the price? where exactly r u in mumbai...?
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    FS 128mb pine agb grafics card xfx 5200

    mindex we meet again :hap2: ... and yea ur rite.... price drop is neccessary :no: if this card supports pixel shader 2.0, and supports aero.... then i'm for it, if u take the price down a lil bit... yea, unlike other buyers above, i'm serious... u confirm the ps2.0, dx9.0 support and drop...
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    FS: Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 1000

    Yes there is warranty.. but the bill is with my friend.. i'll have to ask him
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    FS: Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 1000

    I got this as a gift... but I already have a HP wireless kit... So this goes FOR SALE :) Th real import price is Rs. 1164. But this is up at techenclave for 800 Rs. Contents: 1. Black and Silver (Black Pearl) Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 1000 2. User Guide 3. Quick Start Manual Image...