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    FS: Tablet HTC Flyer tablet - Like New | MicroSD card, case and other extras

    Is this available. If it is I have some queries : 1. 3G or Wi Fi only? 2. Current Battery Performance. Reply asap. Interested in it.
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    FS: MP3 Player Apple Ipod Classic 80GB - 5th Gen

    Product Name: Apple Ipod Classic 80 GB 5th gen Expected Price: Rs 6900 Shipping charges: 100 Manufacturer page URL: Apple iPod Classic 80GB review - Portable Audio - Trusted Reviews Description if any: Bought on 2008. Still not any problems at all. steady performance. :excitement: Have the...
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    Graphic Cards Graphic card buying advice

    I am looking for a 8800GT or any card(used) coming to that specs.......Expecting a good or "asap"reply....