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    FS: Games PS2 Games( Okami,Persona ,Onimusha, FF series,RnC etc) ( 3 Games Available)

    Received the Package. Thanks brother.
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    FS: Games (Sold)Final Fantasy VIII (Psone Game) for collectors

    Received the game in good condition. Thanks brother.
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    FS: Games {Sold} -Ninja Gaiden Series (1+2+3 ) and other Rare Classic Ps3 games

    Will take Eternal Sonata if it’s still available.
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    FS: Games FS 3 PS3 GAMES CHEAP(wwe 13, dead space and godfather)

    Will take RE5 and Ni No. PM me, thanks.
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    FS: Tablet Apple Pencil 2nd Genration

    Willing to sell the Pencil alone? Please DM me.
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    FS: Networking Netgear N300WiFi Range Extender

    Looking to buy, Please DM.
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    FS: Software Microsoft Genuine softwares

    PM’ed you Windows 10 Pro.
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    Got Asus ROG PG279Q for 71k. Did a Gamble and seems it worked out I got a less Backlight bleeding monitor after all. Am happy with the purchase :) That 67 quote was without tax. What a way to update the price to a customer.
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    From what I have heard so far is Asus has QC issues plaguing the new monitor models. Acer don,t have QC issues like Asus but they do have it to some point. Panel wise Acer is better then Asus. Asus is know for its backlight bleeding issue. You can check newegg for reviews. Material wise Asus...
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    Probably none in Bangalore would be having both of them for display :( and order will take 15 days to delivery. Not sure what to do.
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    Good point now am planning on getting a 2K monitor. Just confused between Acer XB271HU and Asus PG279Q
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    From where did you get this quote? Am planning on getting it.
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    Any idea how much the price would be for ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080?