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    Budget Above 40k One Plus 10 Pro or S21 FE

    S21fe all day as it gets 4 years of Android updates & 5 years of security now compared with OnePlus 3years max.
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    Budget 10-15K Looking for a Android Phone with low SAR value for my mother

    Your home wifi has more sar value than phone. Please don't belove in this false notion.
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    Budget 51-70k Advice for GPU (50-55k)

    Right now 3070 is the only option. It gets on sale frequently. Check to track the sale price
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming PC for 1440p 60 FPS gaming

    For your needs anything over a 3060ti or 3070 is overkill. Maybe save some & buy a better cpu instead
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    User Review iPad pro vs Galaxy Tab S7. Android TABLET or iPad only??

    Ipad will always be a superior tablet due to ipad os. Although i give props to scamsung for having amazing screen & speakers
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    User Guides Xbox one controller disassembly and clean up.

    What about static discharge? Did you ground yourself before cleaning?
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    Finally, EVGA coming to India!

    What's the hype with EVGA? Are they better than strix or suprimX cards?