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    Audio [ADVICE NEEDED] 5.1 home-theatre not working with OnePlus Smart TV

    Have a look at the specs It's clearly mentioned as AV input, also mentioned in the given accessories its "AV in adapter". So there is no analog audio out available in your TV. You have to use an active converter for optical to stereo out like this one FIIO - D03K
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    HDD not working after accidental drop

    Look for any damage near sata and power connectors. BTW how old it is? Also there is a chance that the disk platter got stuck with the actuator arm due to sudden shock.
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    TV vs Mobile costs

    Phones display is a touchscreen panel whereas TV display is plain LCD. Touchscreen always costs more. compare the cost of a touchscreen laptop with a same specs non touchscreen variant.
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    WTB I'm looking for any cracked, damaged or spare phones

    That's the display flex cable issue. I too have suffered from this. You can get it replaced from any reliable mobile repair shop. But if you go to LG service center they have only one solution " Change the display".
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    Signature Acoustics SA Conexant (CX-Pro) CX31993
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    VLC Media Player banned in India is still accessible on jio fiber
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    Is your 5G phone really a 5G?

    I think one should avoid buying 5g phone as of now untill 5g becomes a bit mature just like windows 11. Starting stage is experimental stage. During 2016-17 when airtel started rolling out its 4g service here in my area, even after doing 4g recharge on a 4g sim, it automatically switches to 3g...
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    Investment advise

    Invest in index funds, there you don't have to worry about diversification. Better you should discuss this with your CA/financial advisor.
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    OC & Modding Swapping UPS battery for larger capacity?

    If there's any inverter dealer nearby, you can approach him to get a used inverter which generally people exchange to get higher capacity model. I too have upgraded from 800va to 1.5 kw model and exchanged the old one with the dealer.
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    Micro-ATX case and fish tank combo

    I haven't mentioned that I have this kind of setup, I'm just saying maintaining a pc and aquarium are two different things. I know the mess of cleaning an aquarium so putting an aquarium over a pc is not a good idea.
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    Micro-ATX case and fish tank combo

    And while cleaning the aquarium, whole pc components gets a nice shower. When I clean my aquarium, I have to move nearby things away to avoid getting wet. I can't even put a glass of water near my pc.
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    Bidding system for Classifieds

    Just add one more line in your thread " Do not pm me, post your offer here only". It'll be somewhat shameful for the lowballers to post ridiculous prices. In that way you can also compare prices offered by different people.
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    OC & Modding Swapping UPS battery for larger capacity?

    Do not try this. It will definitely damage the charging circuit of the ups. Inverters are specially designed to charge such high capacity batteries.
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    FS: Desktops PC Parts - CPU, Mobo, Ram, PSU, HDD, Fans, more

    CM 120 master fan pro comes with 5 years warranty.
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    tyre inflator

    A Review on amazon indicates similar issue