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    FS: Processor Intel Haswell Xeon E3-1246 v3 for LGA-1150 motherboards (H81, H87, B85, Q85, Q87, Z87, H97, Z97)

    No need to take off the cpu, just take the screenshot of the cpuz with date & your TE id written on notepad.
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    WTB GTX 1050

    Got one from the forum. @puns please close the thread.
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    FS: Video Card Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Mini 2 GB & Crucial DDR4 2133 MHz 8GB RAM

    paid for gtx 1050 mini, confirmed by @ankur1211
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    FS: Others [SOLD] TAG RGB case fans x2

    Product received in excellent condition, tested, everything working fine. feedback shared. Thanks for the deal.
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    WTB GTX 1050

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    WTB GTX 1050

    As the title says, i'm looking for a gtx 1050 or similar pcie powered gpu. no 610/710 offers please. price should be reasonable and better if its under warranty.
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    Budget 31-40k Need help building a basic full PC @ 40K

    Whole system's performance gets ruined by hdd. even worst ssd is much better than hdd.
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    FS: Others [SOLD] TAG RGB case fans x2

    received tracking details
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    FS: Others [SOLD] TAG RGB case fans x2

    According to purchase date, it should be under warranty. Deal done. Payment made.
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    WTB GTX 1060 3gb or GTX 970

    How much you are expecting?
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    PC boots while pressing Spacebar

    Try disabling wakeup by keyboard/mouse in bios. I too had this problem in my h61 board. Even after proper shutdown, if any key pressed accidentally, pc starts again.
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    A little confused about how routers work.

    I'm using dlink 2750u connected via lan to jio router to increase wifi range and connectivity in top floor.
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    This is the same situation here in durg also. though i got the connection but after too much struggle. they installed distribution points at some distance but if your home/office is beyond 100m from distribution point, they'll not install it. but service vise they are much better than bsnl, and...