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    Video Copying Files From Tata Sky Hd+

    Has anyone tried to copy recorded programs from the Tata Sky HD+ (or tata sky + for that matter). What format are the files stored on the hard disk and are they encrypted? If I take the unit apart and copy files from the hard disk to my computer will I be able to view them? Someone should have...
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    Which Android Phone do you have?

    HTC Incredible S
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    Car & Bike Sedan under 6 lakh - What's that new Skoda budget Sedan?

    Linea = Disastrous Resale, inconsistent Tata support Fiesta = Questionable A.S.S (I am an ex owner), Poor Resale Rapid = Out of your budget. If you stretch then you can also get base model Verna, City or Vento Sunny = A little early to say, but if the sales slow down then expect poor resale...
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    Android Market Apps for 10 cents

    Where did you get the list? The market doesnt show these yet :( PS: Soundhound came pre-installed on my HTC Incredible S, and has recognized every English song I have ever tried to tag.
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    Android Market Apps for 10 cents

    Purchased Asphalt, Swiftkey and Paper camera using a HDFC CC without any problems. Lets see what apps they have tomorrow...
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    Need a Android navigation app with turn by turn in India

    The problem with Sygic is that I cant really find a way find what I am looking for. e.g. If I want to go to Costa Coffee in Gurgaon, And I search for Costa Coffee Gurgaon, I get zero results. Searching for Costa Coffee, I get 15 results and have to go through each one individually to see which...
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    Need a Android navigation app with turn by turn in India

    So I have been using Google Maps but there's not Turn by turn navigation in India and it has sent in to a couple of completely wrong places recently :( Looking for a better navigation app, have tried Sygic and like it, but not sure if its worth the money. Any one else can suggest a reliable...
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    Help me pick an Android phone (30k budget)

    Everyone seems to be suggesting LG. I've had a bad experience with LG before so want to stay clear. What are my options with HTC/Google/Moto? Have had excellent experience with HTC. Is the Incredible S really worth it?
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    Help me pick an Android phone (30k budget)

    So after a long time, I'm in the market for a phone. Have been out of touch with the latest and greatest for a couple of years now. Here's what I've shortlisted so far: Motorola Defy: 18k. Total VFM. Its Waterproof! Sleek looking. Nice screen. Its waterproof! But Motorola's past reputation with...
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    The Team Fortress 2 item trading thread

    Cadaver can be crafted with 4 metal + Heavy token (You have a chance of getting cadaver or other heavy hats), but its definitely craftable like other heavy hats. Edit: I've seen a lot of wrong info in this thread. If you guys are not sure about crafting newer hats, refer the TF2 Wiki...
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    The Team Fortress 2 item trading thread

    Keys are tradeable now, there was an update a few days back that made them tradeable. You can easily score a key for 1 refined metal, or 2-3 keys for a hat. If you got earbuds you can get up to 6 kyes :)
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    Giordano watches on Vodafone M-Shop (good prices)

    Because its a HK based company with Chinese ownership :) Make a watch for $5, MRP = 5k, Sell at 80% discount. Same nonsense as buy 1 get 4 free lol
  13. W anyone used this site before?

    Can I get an invite too plz. :)
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    GO from Monoprice anyone?

    zzzzzzzzz.... KMD, can you please start a new thread for GO from monoprice and manage it please? This thread is going nowhere