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    Browser Review

    Microsoft Edge works very well with me
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    Replacing Robocopy

    Dear @Ramadhir Singh , after trying and testing tools, the Gs Richcopy 360 so far so good, it works very well as an alternative to Robocopy, it has great features and works GUI based.
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    Replacing Robocopy

    Your recommendations sound good, Also I am trying now the trial versions of Syncback and Gs Richcopy 360 .And I will take a look to the tools you recommended (cobian backup, dirsync, freefile sync) today
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    Replacing Robocopy

    Copying NTFS permissions from windows server 2012 to windows server 2016 still a problem using Robocopy, which lead us to do it manually but now it is over because it is not just one share, it is about 16 shares now !!! Also, I can't find a way to make Robocopy backup any needed folder...