Forum Rules

Forum Posting Rules
General Forum Posting Rules
  1. Post only if you feel you are adding value to the discussion.
  2. Keep your thread titles descriptive so that people who read it are clear about the contents of the thread just by looking at the title.
  3. Before posting search for similar topics to avoid multiple threads dealing with the same subject.
  4. Posts reading "+1, I agree" or "+1" or "+1, me too." will be deleted as they DO NOT add value. You can instead like a post to encourage the user who posted the original content.
  5. Report any post that you feel does not add value to the discussion and we will remove it if needed.
  6. Use proper English while posting, posts containing SMS text will be deleted.
  7. Do not insult a member/community or post obscene content. Do not berate members who do not have as much technical knowledge as you. Remember ultimately the purpose of this forum is help each other.
  8. Do not participate in discussions promoting piracy.
  9. Seek owner permission before reproducing copyrighted material or mention the source in your post.
  10. Do not link to images on other websites; instead upload the picture on TechEnclave or use the Image Hosting Services like Imageshack to upload and post pictures in thumbnail form.
  11. Do not use discussion threads as a chat room for private communication; instead contact the member directly using your Inbox link.
  12. Do not advertise retail products, websites or services unless explicitly allowed by the staff.
  13. The signatures should not exceed 150px in height, 800px in width and 40KB in size. Should not be used for advertising.
Market Posting Rules
  1. You must have the product you are selling in possession at the time of sale. You are taking responsibility of the sale even if you are selling it on behalf of someone else. You will be held responsible for smooth completion of the deal.
  2. You must provide 2 clearly visible pictures of the product along with your TE username and date written by hand on a piece of paper next to the product. Try to provide picture of bundled accessories if any.
  3. Quoting Price is mandatory and you cannot invite bidding and hold an auction.
  4. The market section is intended for sales alone and not Product discussion which is to be carried out in the technical forums. You should post in the sale thread only if you are interested in buying or if adding value to the discussion between the seller and the prospective buyer. Otherwise all suggestions and negotiations on selling price and market price must be done via PM.
  5. Trolling and off-topic messages by members will be deleted on sight without explanation. However it is up to the discretion of the Staff to either delete or retain posts.
  6. Selling any items that are illegal in nature is strictly prohibited. Products or Software which are adult in nature are also disallowed from market. OEM software sale not allowed, unless bundled with the same hardware it was installed on/supplied with.
  7. The Market section on TechEnclave is provided for the convenience of its members to off load any 'excess baggage' they have. TechEnclave does not provide any express warranty on the items sold nor does it claim responsibility for trades conducted on the market. Both parties involved in a trade should ensure trade does not go bad. For added convenience we have a trader rating system called XenTrader in place where you can check a members past record in the TE Market.