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    CPU/Mobo Reducing Power Bill with homelabs

    One way is to buy low w parts or nucs but often they have either high input costs at the start or older hardware has low horsepower or limitations like nucs having 8 gig ram limitations. What ways do members here reduce powerbill
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    WTB am4 matx board

    wtb a am4 matx board should have atleast three pcie lanes, one for gpu,2 for network cards. The cheaper the price the better.Should support first/second gen ryzen. also looking for a small cube/htpc case to go along with it.
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    Budget 0-20k slim case recommendations

    i am looking for a htpc/slim case that can fit a atx mobo .silverstone has some cases but 9k for a not so great quality case is not economical imo. are there any cheaper alternatives.
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    WTB Silverstone HTPC cases like GD09B OR similar size/form factor cases from other brands

    need a slim case that fits a atx board
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    WTB HTPC case that fits a atx mobo

    WTB HTPC case that fits a atx mobo.
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    FS: Others logitech g29 racing wheel+pedals+gear shifter barely used,1.9 years warranty left

    Price strictly non negotiable new one going for 30k on amazon and lamington, special deal(500 off) for local pickups
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    Storage Solutions anyone tried backblaze for backup

    how was your experience with it ?
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    Laptops PSA: Hp is offering free replacements even on 3 year old laptop batteries

    My hp pavallion some business line laptop has battery issues immese battery swell, normally batteries are covered only for 6 months but hp is offering a replacement + labour free of charge for laptops produced between 2016 and 2019 just have to check on their site with your laptop serial no...
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    Budget 21-30k where to buy used server cpu's/mobos and parts

    any recommended sites,sellers who sell used cpu's. Aliexpress was a great resource but since thats closed down getting xeons has been difficult.
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    WTB gtx 1070/1080/1080ti/rtx 2060 or similar should be in warranty

    dm's open to offers
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    Budget 41-50k hp extended warranty offer on fk/amazon purchase

    so hp has festive offer 1400 for 2 years accidential + nromal warranty only problem is amazon/fk purchases are not valid. is there a work around for this want to buy a ryzen 5/1650ti laptop for 55k but extended warranty costs 5k extra compared to other brands.
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    Graphic Cards gpu repair in mumbai need contacts

    want to repair a old 960 and a 750ti can someone share no's/contacts of gpu repair people in mumbai
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    Budget 51-70k will laptop prices fall ?

    i am debaiting weather to buy one now or hold on,but with china financial situation etc i am confused where this will go.
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    Budget 51-70k best gaming laptop under or around 60k

    as the title says,with big amazon,fk sales upcoming looking to buy a laptop around this price that can run msfs reasonably well 35-45 fps.Narrowed down to asus vivobook or acer aspire 7
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    Budget 0-20k need sleeper cabinet suggestions

    want to shift to sleeper cabinet that supports a 120mm single or dual rad. No glass,no transparent crap no just old school cabinets. Would prefer something from corsair/cooler master/fractal etc basically office,business look. some vents for fans okay just no tempered glass
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    Budget 10-15K good cam phone under the budget

    good cam,rest is secondary. only use whatsaap,read docs and use as hotspot.
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    WTB 8gb ddr3l single stick

    need a single 8gb ddr3l stick
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    WTB Used 120 gig or similar ssd sata

    want to buy 120 gig sata ssd
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    WTB model building service

    need someone who can paint a aircraft model. buying the airfix a6m5 zero plane. 1:72 scale dont have the spray paint equipment and since its a one off build dont want to buy all the equipment to spray it.
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice 9 Cherry Mx Grey Tactile plate mount mechanical switches

    9 switches in total Leftover from a project. never used . Purchased from /r/mechanicalkeyboards verified genuine cherry mx seller located in taiwan. Tactile grey switches,rare find in india. 10th switch comes free,10th one is a hybrid as it has the linear 60cn spring of mx black. but the...