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    FS: Others [Giveaway] 6 months GAANA PLUS SUBSCRIPTION

    Hello Guys, I bought something [don't even remember which audio accessory] from flipkart and as such I am eligible for 6 months GAANA PLUS SUBSCRIPTION. It's a coupon and not linked to my account. I don't use Gaana nor do I plan to use it. I prefer Amazon Music. If anyone is interested then...
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    [Giveaway] 6 Months Ganna Plus Subscription

    Hello Guys, I bought a Bluetooth headphones from flipkart and as such I am eligible for 6 months GANNA PLUS SUBSCRIPTION. [This time it's a coupon and not linked to my account]. I don't use Ganna nor do I plan to use it. I prefer Amazon Music. If anyone is interested then pls let me know...
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    Budget 10-15K Please suggest between Samsung M12 and Samsung M21

    I need to get a budget phone for my mother. Prime requirements are good screen and decent camera. No gaming or any high end apps usage. Basic usage and storage of at least 128 GB. she likes to hoard all the msgs, pictures video etc on the phone itself. Based on her requirements I have...
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    FS: Others [Giveaway] TP Router, Intex Wireless mouse, Patch Cords, MicroUSB cable

    Hello friends, These are the items for giveaway. Yes that's correct , FREE. You are free to take them from Karol Bagh Metro Station / NOIDA Sec 34 Metro Station. No shipping. But if you can manage them picked up from my place, then that can work. I will pack it for you. Would prefer if someone...
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    Subscribe to Epic Games emails and get a $10 / Rs 750 Epic Coupon

    Subscribe to Epic Games emails and get a $10 / Rs 750 Epic Games Coupon. The minimum purchase price to avail this coupon is Rs 1049.
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    Lenovo smart clock for Rs 999

    Well I have got one more offer for buying pixel phone. Now I am eligible to buy LENOVO SMART CLOCK FOR 999. More than happy to order it for you as I don't need it. As usual it is linked to my account and one needs to order it from my account only.
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    User Guides Xbox one controller disassembly and clean up.

    Well recently bought a Xbox one X console. The console came with one controller. The model No is 1708. To check the model number of your controller, look for the sticker behind the battery compartment. In my case it is 1708. This is one of the worst models. If you have higher model number then...
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    Pls suggest a XBOX console gives the maximum value for money ?

    Well recently got a great deal on Xbox gamepass ultimate. Now the dilemma is which console to get the best out of this offer. 1. Xbox one S All digital edition - price 10k [good condition] 2. Xbox one X 1 TB - 15k [average condition] 3. Xbox Series S 512GB - 28K [mint condition with warranty]...
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    WTB Xbox one X

    Hi. Want to buy a XBOX One X console. Console should be working perfectly and controller should be without any hard buttons / drift issue. Location - Delhi / Kolkata budget - 14K Max
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    Google nest Mini white smart speaker for Re 1.

    Hello everyone, Recently bought a Pixel 4a phone and as such I am eligible for purchasing a Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation) for Re 1 plus the shipping. Normally sells for around 2500. Would be happy to order for you as I am not interested in this. PS - The offer is linked to my account...
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    Pixel 4a buds for 4999 /-

    I recently bought a Pixel 4a phone. So I am eligible for purchasing PIXEL buds for 4999. One can also add card discount on top of it. Would be more than happy to order it for some one who wants it as I am not interested in Buds. Normally sells for around 7500...
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    Video How to get more HDMI Inputs for TV

    As the title suggests, I have a need for more HDMI Inputs in my TV. I have a VU TV and it has only 2 HDMI inputs. Now I every time I need to connect a new device then I have to remove one of the cable from TV and insert a new one. This is getting tiring and maybe ruin the TV HDMI slot. I want...
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    WTB Want to buy a 120 GB / 240 GB SSD

    As the title mentions, looking for a small capacity SSD for my cousin. 120 GB is preferred. Please PM me your expected price shipped to PIN code 741502. PS - forgot to mention. Both NVME and Sata are welcome.
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    WTB 3060 Ti or similar

    Hi Looking for a NVIDIA 3060 Ti or similar card. Please PM me your offers. Non LHR card preferred. NOT LOOKING FOR MINING [before you guys start hurling abuses ;)].
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    WTB Used Graphics card for gaming @1080p

    Hello, So my trusted ZOTAC GTX 1060 died the other day and now looking for a decent gaming card. Anything above GTX 1060 is welcome. I understand that GPU prices are sky high these days. Max budget is 25-30k. PS - can anybody let me know how much time ZOTAC takes for RMA ? My card is still...
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    WTB GTX 1070 card

    As the title says. I am looking for a GTX 1070 card. Budget is around 12K. Any variant except the TURBO will suffice. Cards in warranty preferred or need one week testing warranty for out of warranty cards. Location is NOIDA / Delhi.