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    philips Shp2000 headphone

    Hi guys, selling these brand new philips headphones as i do not need them. Product-philips Shp2000 headphone asking price-rs450 Only local pickup in mumbai,no shipping / gallery - 22082011074, 22082011075
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    logitech keyboard and other stuff

    hi guys, selling the following things as i do not need them. 1. Product-Logitech k100 keyboard condition-Brand new sealed Expected price-rs 200 2. Product-Amkette usb hub condition-Brand new sealed Expected price-rs 200 3. Product-Amkette kwik optical mouse condition-Brand new sealed...
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    Creative HS-150 Headphones

    Hi guys, selling these brand new creative headphones as i do not need them. Product-Creative hs-150 headphones asking price-rs275 Only local pickup in mumbai,no shipping
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    brainwavz alpha

    Hi guys, selling my 15 days old brainwavz aplha iem. hardly used them for 2 hrs Reason for sale-Not using them,they are just lying around Price-rs400 Only local pickup in mumbai[attachment=9176:15819.attach]
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    Laptop batteries

    hello friends.I am selling these two batteries on behalf of my friend. 1.Lenovo battery Model no-L09M6Y02 price excpected-rs750 6 months old battery 2.Acer Battery Model no-AS10B73 price excpected-rs650 1 year old battery Both the batteries do not have any warranty Only local pickup in mumbai...
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    DDr3 Laptop Ram sale

    hi guys.selling these laptop rams on behalf of my friend.reason for sale-He needs urgent cash. 1.Samsung 4gb ddr3 PC-10600 Excepted price-rs1100 Warranty-no purchase invoice available-No 2.Samsung 2gb ddr3 PC-10600 Excepted price-rs650 Warranty-no purchase invoice available-No 3.Elpida 1gb...
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    Video Suggest a 32 inch tv within 30-50K

    hey guys i am very confused abuot which tv to budget is 30-50k.Should i go for led or lcd?Where can i get them at a cheap price in mumbai?Some of the models i have shortlisted are- ex520 ex400 cx520 nx500 Is any samsung led/lcd better than these models? please...
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    sandisk 8gb and 4gb pendrive

    hi guys.i want to sell my brand new sandisk 4gb and 8gb pendrives. 4gb-rs 240 8gb-rs 420 combo price-rs650 You will have to arrange for local pickup in mumbai Reason for sale-Dont need them looking for a quick sale
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    Timezone and Jammin Powercards for gaming, bowling,etc.

    I have 2x timezone Powercards which have Rs. 500 balance + 10 free video games and one Jammin card which has Rs. 1000 balance Both of the companies have gaming centers in mumbai which also has bowling alleys and bumping car arena You can check the locations here : .: TIMEZONE :. ...TIME...
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    nokia e71

    hey guys my brother wants to sell his nokia e71 in excellent much can he expect?If anybody is interested in mumbai i will create a for sale thread
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    PC Peripherals cabinet in 2-2.5k

    hey guys i have the following 1.amd phenom 2 555 2.4850 gfx card 3.msi 785g-e53 I had purchased a xtech cabinet 6 months ago.But the cooling and cable management is not that great.i am planning to upgrade.Will i notice much of a difference or should i invest in cooler master hyper 212...
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    Audio iem for 1-1.5k

    i am a casual music listener.i cant differentiate much between 2 headphones.which is the best among- 21 30 3.meelectronics m9 4.Fischer Audio Toughstuff TS-9001 5.Fischer Audio Toughstuff TS-9002 is there much difference betwen the last two?
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    CPU/Mobo PC Problem

    Hello guys.My cousin is having problem with his branded acer desktop.The pc is about 1.5 years old.When he presses the power button some type of beep noise comes and the pc does not start.I thought that the ram must not be working so i tried using my friends ram but there was the same...
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    hey guys i am looking forward to buy a pl11.i will arrange for local pickup in if you are interested
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    graphics card

    hey guys i am looking to buy a graphics card in mumbai.i want one of these 1.5670 2.4850 3.4770 4.5750 It will be better if it has warranty.i will arrange for local pickup in mumbai.
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    ep630 vs pl21

    which earphones are better creative ep630 or soundmagic pl21?are panasonic in ear headphones good bcoz they are available for rs425.?
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    national dual layer 25 dvds

    i want 25 national dual layer dvds.i will arrange for local pickup in mumbai.
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    8 gb pendrive

    i am looking to buy a 8gb pendrive.i will arrange for local pickup in mumbai.i would prefer if it has warranty.if anybody is interested please pm me.
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    moser baer 25 dvds

    HI guys.I want to sell these moser baer 25 blank dvds. 1.25 moser baer blank dvds purchase price-Rs.375 asking price-Rs.300 shipped in mumbai I will sell it only to guys in mumbai.It will be better if you can arrange for local pickup.IF anybody is interested please PM me.
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    windows 7 problem

    Please help me out.i have partitioned my hdd into 3 parts c,dand e.i had installed windows xp in e drive.Then i installed vista ultimate in c drive.when i booted i had the option of going to vista or xp.but i formatted c and installed windows 7 then there is no option to boot into directly...