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    FS: Monitor and LCD 1080p 24 inch Benq LCD monitor with vga/dvi/hdmi

    A fully working 24 inch benq LCD monitor (model number : G2420HD) with 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080) . Bought in 2011/2012 from Nehru Place when I was into heavy gaming, but since 2013 it has been lying idle. The monitor has VGA, DVI and HDMI connectivity. It is working fine with no...
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    FS: Storage Hardware 500GB Harddisk Laptop Segate Thin

    500GB Segate Thin Laptop Harddisk SATA Bought a laptop a year back, and from day2, I had removed the HDD and installed a SSD. Had kept this HDD packed for 1 year thinking I would use it, but never did. I guess i might as well sell this, and use the money ot buy some RAM. I keep telling myself...
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    Laptops 5th gen Intel processors

    tldr; 1st gen core i3m @2.4ghz VS 5th gen core i3u @2ghz VS 4th gen corei3 . I am looking to buy a new laptop. Are the new 5th gen mobile processors (i3's) any good ? My previous one was a core i3-370m (first gen i3) , so thats my baseline performance. My usage is general web...
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    Storage Solutions Latest SSD's on SATA2 ?

    I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop, with a 256GB Vertex2 SSD. The Laptop has the SATA2 interface. Is it worth upgrading this Vertex2 (SATA2 based) to a 'modern' Samsung 840Pro or OCZ Vector SSD's ? Will i see a performance difference in normal day-to-day tasks ? Or will this be a...
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    WTB Graphic card in 2K-3K range

    Need a card in 2K-3K range. I am open to all cards like : HD48xx, Nvidia 98xx, Nvidia 88xx etc.
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    For Sale MSI GTX 580 TwinFrozrII

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: MSI GTX 580 TwinFrozrII Expected Price: Rs 21,000 Shipping charges: As per buyers need Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: bought a stock GTX580 from a TE member. got it RMA'ed for the MSI GTX...
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    WTB a LGA775 Motherboard for Core2Quad

    WTB a LGA775 Motherboard I want to buy LGA775 motherboard for Core2Quad CPU. budget= upto 2.5K looking for a quick deal. Location: Delhi/NCR.
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    Audio Need new Headphones. budget= 1k

    hi i will be buying new headphones in a week or two. since i know ZILCH about audio/ headphones, i started this thread :) budget: ~1k. better if lesser. usage: FPS gaming. location : delhi would prefer something available at SMC or "cost to cost" or computer empire. basically lookin...
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    TISSOT WATCH question

    HI i just got a brand new TISSOT watch from someone. but i basically know zilch about watches. the box does not have any model number on it. the only thing written is this: T810030917/English can some watch expert here tell me the model number and its approximate price in india? EDIT: i...
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    Graphic Cards MSI RMA in Delhi?

    hi i have a gtx580 that i think is going bad. it crashes games a lot and the clocks get set to idle 2d mode that cant be undone without a restart. i am thinking of a RMA. does anyone have any experience of an MSI GPU RMA in Delhi? is the nehru place/wazirpur centre reliable? most...
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    WTB a Core2 Quad

    BOUGHT A QUAD FROM A TE MEMBER. MODS, CLOSE THE THREAD the thread says it. i want to buy a core2quad CPU. i am open to all models and series : the q6xx, q8xx and q9xx. PM me if interested. i have a C2D e7300. i am open for trade as well. looking for a quick deal so i wont haggle over prices.