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    FS: Others logitech g29 racing wheel+pedals+gear shifter barely used,1.9 years warranty left

    Works with PC flawlessly. Have been using this on Forza 5 and F1 2021.
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    FS: Headphone 3 Years old White Playstation Gold Headsets

    Selling my old PS gold headsets as I started using my XM4 for gaming and they are pretty impressive. Condition is pretty worn out as you can see from pics. Eventually that blue color part peels off no matter how much care you do and white does gets yellowish after long time. But the sound is...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Watch

    Selling 3 years old Samsung Gear S3 Frontier watch. Screen still has the tempered glass from the day 1 and original straps are unused as I always used third party straps. Reason for Sale: Upgraded to Galaxy Watch 4 LTE Expected price: 8499 for Bangalore and shipping is extra for other cities.
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    FS: Mobile Few iPhone 12 Pro Max Essential Accessories

    Selling the following accessories as I no longer need them since I sold my iPhone. 1) Raegr Tempered Screenguard for iPhone 12 Pro Max. - 600 INR 2) Original Apple 18w Charger (2 months old) - 1500 INR 3) Amazon Basics Usb to lightening cable - 6 feet - 660 INR 4) Wayona Type C to Lightening...
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    FS: Mobile AKG Wired Type C Earphones - New

    Selling brand new, unused AKG Earphones that come with Note 20 Ultra as I'm using wireless earphones so these are extra. Got them out of box only to take pics, else they are never used. Here is the link to product page on amazon for reference...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Wireless Charging Pads - 2

    Selling these two wireless charging pads as I'm not using them much. Price for one: 2500 Both together: 4500 Location: Bangalore. Shipping is extra.
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    FS: Mobile Galaxy Fold 2 UK model black cheap

    Man. I always miss out on such great deals. Good pricing. No wonder it got sold so quick.
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    FS: Mobile Apple Watch Series 6 GPS+LTE 44mm Version - 11 months warranty left

    Price negotiable and open to exchange offers with Nintendo Switch + Cash or Series X (I'll pay difference) Or GPU of equivalent value or some gadget of similar value.
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    FS: Mobile iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 GB Blue

    Selling my iPhone 12 Pro max since Apple ecosystem isnt for me. I tried to give it a try but I'm a android guy so will be going back to some android phone after selling this. Phone is in great condition except two small marks on the top side of the metallic rim of phone. Apart from this, there...
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    FS: Mobile Apple Watch Series 6 GPS+LTE 44mm Version - 11 months warranty left

    Selling my almost brand new Apple Watch Series 6 since I'm moving back from Apple to Android. Tried out iPhone for 2 months but its not for me so will be selling iPhone and then the watch will become redundant as it needs an iPhone to function. No dents or scratches, have been using it with a...
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    FS: Video Card MSI RTX 2080 TI Ventus 11G OC Edition

    Hi Everyone, Selling this amazing card since I'm upgrading to 3080Ti in few days. It still has 1 year and 8 months warranty left. Here is the model link for reference
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    FS: Mobile Apple 30w PD adaptor

    2300 for both?
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Garage Sale: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy S3 Frontier, Galaxy Buds Pro and Tab S6 Keyboard Case.

    Hello Everyone, Just like the title says, here are a bunch of Samsung Flagship products for you to get into the ecosystem. Imove to iphone hence most of the products except the phone have option exchange open. Below are the details of each item: 1) Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 256 GB Black Version...
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    FS: Consoles Playstation 5 Disc Edition - Imported Version

    Dude, do you even know the definition of scalping. Those people are buying at 49K and selling at 70-80K. I paid my own hard earned 65K and now selling for a 15K loss and yet you are calling it scalping. Idiots like you just like to hog threads with useless comments when they have not intention...