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  1. -purpleshad0w-

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding 3 x Arctic F12 PWM (Black) 120mm Fans

    Item: 3 x Arctic F12 PWM Black 120mm fans Price: 1500/- shipped Description: Need to unload these. Other than plugging them in a couple of times for testing, they're brand new. Includes original box and screws. Looking to sell all three togather. You're welcome to clarify any doubts via PM.
  2. -purpleshad0w-

    FS: Processor 2nd gen core i5

    Recently got it for an upgrade I was planning, then realised I was too attached to my 775 rig to let it go. Hence putting it on here. I'll give a week of testing warranty to the buyer.
  3. -purpleshad0w-

    FS: RAM G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 4GB 1333 9-9-9-24 1.5v

    Had this listed on my other thread( ) as non-working because it was giving BSODs every now and then. I thought it was because of a damaged contact pad on the pcb( refer pics ) but recently, on testing continuity with a...
  4. -purpleshad0w-

    WTB 2TB 3.5" Internal SATA HDD

    Hi all, As the title says, looking for one of these. I'd very much like to buy one in some sort of warranty. Budget:- upto 3.5k depending on age, warranty, condition etc. Send your offers via PM :)
  5. -purpleshad0w-

    FS: Processor xeon cpu and some fans. Edit: more stuff added

    Had these lying around from past upgrades. 1.) Product Name: 4th gen Intel Xeon E3 1220 v3 Expected Price: 3900 Description: Quad core cpu, in good condition. Performs about as well as an i5 4670. Works on all LGA1150 motherboards. Needs a dedicated graphics card for a display output as it...
  6. -purpleshad0w-

    WTB 4790k

    Need an i7 4790k. Budget around 5500+ or thereabouts. Hit me up if you have one Peace✌️
  7. -purpleshad0w-

    WTB 2x4GB Ripjaws 1600CL9 DDR3

    Hi, I know this is a long shot but I'm looking for a 2x4gb ripjaws 1600cl9 kit(not ripjaws X), as I have 8gb of this already and would like to add another 8gb if I can. Looking for this exact kit(red heatspreader/ black pcb) to get a matched set(mainly for aesthetics :p). Budget is 1500 plus...
  8. -purpleshad0w-

    WTB DVD Drive

    Have some old movies and games on CDs I'd like to play, looking for a working internal dvd drive. Budget: 350 shipped Hit me up if you have one lying unused. ✌️
  9. -purpleshad0w-

    WTB cheap ryzen processor

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a cheap used ryzen processor(eg: first gen ryzen 3, athlon 200ge/3000g) with box and fan for Rs ~2.5K shipped. PM me all you offers. -Thx✌️
  10. -purpleshad0w-

    WTB H81 motherboard(4th gen)

    Hi, I WTB a cheap LGA 1150(4th gen) motherboard. I/O shield needs to be included. Budget around 1.5-2k shipped, but am willing to pay more depending on the board(warranty, condition etc)
  11. -purpleshad0w-

    WTB graphics card

    Hi, My 7850 decided to pass away at the beginning of the lockdown so I need a gpu with similar or better performance as a replacement. Something with freesync support, some warranty and a 6pin power connector would be nice. Shipped to Kerala. Throw me your best offers. -Thx
  12. -purpleshad0w-

    WTB WTB:4th gen quad for 2500

    Hi, Wtb a 4th gen quad (i5/xeon) for rs.2500+shipping Thanks 1567876263 Bump willing to pay 3500
  13. -purpleshad0w-

    LGA 1150 Processor

    Hey Guys, Im looking to buy a used CPU for an LGA1150 motherboard. Im looking for quad cores with or without hyperthreading which includes i5s,i7s and xeons(preferably K series). Im willing to pay around 5500 for it. Looking for any and all prospective sellers. Please PM me with your offers :D...