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    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen R7 5800x and R9 3900XT

    I think it must be fake bill. Even notice the AMD ryzen Print on the bill. By the way, whoever is buying, this bill willn't be accepted for warranty as it doesn't indicate any Serial Number.
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    Any interesting Comedy/Detective series

    True. Somehow I feel Mentalist is the most underrated one. Typical detective episode along with long standing Red John case made it really entertaining.
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    Any interesting Comedy/Detective series

    I did watch Blacklist. It got pretty boring after few seasons. Same stuff :)
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    Anyone excited about iWatch 7?

    Hi, Never had any fitness band or modern watch, planning to get one for myself and parents. The quality of Apple products is unbeatable at the same time, its damn expensive.
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    Demographic of Data Speed

    Hey, Would love to see some statistics of average data speed of Techenclave members. I have fibernet which consistently gives me 200Mbps speed.
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    Browser Review

    Curious to know what's the trend of Browsers usage now. I started with Firefox and switched to Chrome due to speed and almost feels less laggy. Switched to Edge (Chromium based) due to privacy issues with Google. Feels like best of both worlds.
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    Any interesting Comedy/Detective series

    Hi, I am looking for comedy/detective series recommendation. Detective: Mentalist, Suits. Comedy: Friends, HIMYM kinda series
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    Any gophers and love to share #golang expertise

    Hello #gophers Anyone is using golang on day to day basis (at work or as hobby)?
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    Any AOE 2 Fans?

    Hi, Looking to meet some of the Age of Empires 2 DE fans or people who are looking forward to play Age of Empires 4? Please do hit me on steam (#hashtag)
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    Windows Best Software for Benchmarking GPU

    Hi, Is there any software/tool which is consistently used across techenclave to bench mark GPUs. I am looking to compare the current GPU performance with rest of the world on similar GPU
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    WTB Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU with warranty (Asus or Zotac)

    @Mann please do drop me message regarding FE
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    WTB Nvidia 2080 gpu

    I am selling 2080 strix. DM me
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    Anyone think is it worth buying Air Pods 2Pro!? Is it significantly better compared to others?! Already owns one super expensive item (iphone 12 pro)
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    Audio What is your WFH Headphone / Earphone / Speaker that you use for office work?

    I use Cloud Alpha Pro. Sound and mic clarity is goos however the pads wear off very quickly. I wish i can switch to Airpods Pro, but Linux support for Headsets is terrible and stuck with wired set
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    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    Can we import GPUs!? What would be appx charge for the same? What would be the final price for this!?
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    Confused between JioFiber STB & Tatasky DTH.

    It would be better to split DTH and Internet as Jio Fibernet is still unreliable and have occasional issues. I believe Jio STB uses its fibernet to drive the content, which depends on your internet ping response.
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    24 inch, IPS, 75+ Hz 1080p, Monitor needed

    It depends on your use case. If you are primarily using for Work, 60/75Hz monitor is sufficient. If you are looking for CS-GO kinda FPS based gaming, 120 Hz monitor should be great. Do you have any GPU or planning to buy one?
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    Graphic Cards Fan noise on RTX 3080 FE

    As it's under warranty, better RMA the GPU and get it replaced or fixed by NVidia
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    WTB Looking for AMD Radeon 5700/6700 GPU

    I am looking for Radeon GPU for above models for my Linux workstation. Currently holding 2080 OC Strix (in Warranty), can swap. Primarily used as workstation display driver and occasional weekend gaming
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    FS: Video Card Price drop Inno3d Nvidia RTX 3070TI X3 OC Graphics Card

    Brand new is available for 79k I understand people purchased at inflated prices, but you should reconsider your price