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    FS: Video Card ASUS STRIX GTX970 4GB

    This card has only been used for gaming, that too ocassionally. The problem this card is facing for last 10-11 months is that while playing the screen blacks out after 5-10 minutes of gaming giving no video signal to monitor. However if i underclock the card using msi afterburner or so it plays...
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    Mobo for Ryzen 2nd Gen and 8gb RAM

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a motherboard for my Ryzen 5 2600 and DDR 4 ram. Anyone selling plz contact.
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    PC Peripherals Dent on new PSU.

    Hi everyone. So i bought a new corsair TX650m from amazon for Rs 7335 after card discount and another 800 rs cashback as amazon pay. The PSU arrived today but the box was damaged at one corner(as the seller decided to ship it without any extra cardboard). when i opened it the PSU itself had 3...
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    FS: Mobile LG G4 H815

    The phone can be botloader unlocked to install custom firmware unlike the indian model. Original battery was lost. I bought another one from ebay which was from a reputed seller who claimed it to be original LG. One extra spare battery is available which is almost non working and a leather back...
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    FS: Games MGS V and COD:IW for PS4

    MGS V- Rs 1000 Call of duty Infinity warfare- 500 No case available for COD:IW
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    FS: Consoles PS3 40 gb fat white with CFW

    Up for sale is white PS3 fat version 40 gb. This PS3 is running on CFW 4.70(the CFW was installed on 3.55, no soldering or downgrading was done). This PS3 is lying dormant for close to 3-4 years with occassional playing and testing done in between. The eject and power controls have stopped...
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    FS: Headphone Bose soundsport wireless headphone

    The first ones bought had some minor problem so they were promptly replaced by a brand new one. These are like brand new. they were just taken out to check the sound quality which is too good for a bluetooth headphone. Sadly they are of no use to me as any music i listen to at all is from fm...
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    FS: Motherboard Raspberry Pi3

    it has been hardly ever been used like total 1 week to 10 days. i am throwing in a black case which i purchased separately as well.
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    WTB Kinect for xbox360

    anyone selling do contact.
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Microsoft Keyboard Pro and MS Mouse

    it was purchased few days back only from another member who had used it only for 10-20 times only. i took it out for checking purpose. Here is the amazon link for the product-
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    WTB Redmi note 3

    anyone selling do contact
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    FS: Mobile Dead LG G4

    The phone is imported from UK and is the unlockable H815 international variant. One day it bootlopped and then died on me. warranty is 2 years and still applicable in UK. i have mailed LG UK regarding the same and confirmed. selling it because i will be able to send it to UK next month only and...
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    FS: Networking Asus DSL N10_C1 150mbps

    Contains all original accessories and the bill and box. suitable for mtnl and bsnl.
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    FS: Others Xiaomi Mi Band and LG Quadbeat 3 premium earphones

    both the items are unused. Lg quadbeat 3 earphones came with my LG G4 phone. no warranty for any product. Xiaomi Miband comes with orange and black wrist band. Expected price for individual item- Xiaomi Mi band with extra strap- Rs 800 LG quadbeat 3 earphones- Rs 1000
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    WTB Decent soundcard

    Hi all. i am planning to buy a soundcard . anyone selling the same do contact. USB or Internal any will do as long as sound output is good.
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    Audio Audio output from desktop not as good as from laptop

    Hi all. My desktop pc (gigabyte b75-d3h motherboard) has crap output, almost bland with no bass whereas the audio output form my laptop is quite good. the same headphone when used on both sound totally different. can somehting be done to enhance the audio quality of the desktop?
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    WTB altec lansing MX5021

    hi i am looking for these speakers. anyone willing to sell or if can direct me where to get these with reasonable price please do contact.
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    FS: Consoles Xbox 360 arcade(jasper) jtagged

    for sale is a original jtag hacked xbox arcade jasper console. it was bought to play some exclusives and have some two player halo fun. the console was rarely used and was kept inside the almirah when it was not in use. i would prefer local deals as it would be quite a hassle to ship the console.
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    WTB GTX 970

    bought it
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    Graphic Cards Gainward 970 Reference Model :worth Buying??

    hi i am getting a second hand(2months old) gainward 970 reference model. is it worth buying? how does it compare to other brands like zotac, asus etc. also does gainward provide 3 years warranty in india?