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    WTB WTB: Laptop ddr3 ram 4gb

    Looking for ddr3 ram 4gb stick for my dell vostro 2520 laptop, min 1333mhz
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    Budget 0-20k upgrading old pc, adding graphics card.

    Hi Guys, I am looking to upgrade the kids pc. Its an old one and here's the current config. Pentium G3240 Gigabyte B85M-D3H 2*4gb ram 1600mhz ddr3 (2 out of 4 slots) corsair 400 or 450w, dont remember, will check and update. 250gb ssd samsung. monitor is lg 20 imch ips panel 1440 x 900 One...
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    Bad HDD

    I got a brand new seagate ironwolf 4tb NAS hdd from amazon here, seller is appario. I got delivery this tuesday and Its been plugged in for probably a couple of days, running ext4. smart scan on gnome disks shows 4880 bad sector, but otherwise ok. I have already lost some files. I had done...
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    Budget 90k+ Need help with parts for a new machine

    I am making a new machine and could use some suggestions. Its not for gaming, I wont have a video card as i only play simple games, which onboard card should be able to handle. Not looking to overclock. I will be using this for doing large builds for my work. OS will be some linux, probably...