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    Storage Solutions External 3.5" HDD - Seagate Backup Plus v/s WD My Book

    Two of my drives failed recently [500gb Seagate and 1TB WD Green] after almost 4.5 years of use and thanks to the old 5yr warrnaty got them RMAed:) I already have a 1TB portable drive and now I'm looking to get a new external 2TB drive as I'm not keen on getting an internal drive which has...
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    New Phone Unlocking LAW in US

    So since 26th January, unlocking a phone in US now illegal without the carrier’s permission thanks to the recent legislation passed by the Library of Congress for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA):| From what I have read about it, I could conclude the following: 1. The new law and...
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    Budget 41-50k Laptop from Lamington Road

    I was looking to get a Laptop on behalf of my cousin with a budget of about 40-50k. He needs the Laptop within a week or so and hence didnt want to take the chance of getting it online. The laptop shortlisted by him is this one Dell New Inspiron 15R(Audi) 3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 500GB/ 1GB Graphics/...
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    Wireless N USB adapter or Normal wired line - Suggestions needed

    I recently had to shift my house and I was looking to avoid all the rewiring hassle that comes along with a new house and instead get a Wireless N USB Adapter. I got Dlink DSL-2750U router for my desktop and it usually involves heavy broadband usage(2mbps UL connection).The location of my...
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    PepperFry Launch Offer - Rs.225 Credit(Rs.200 on Signup + Rs.25 for Newsletter)

    Signup at : - Signup Steps 1.Verify your email id and immediately you will be credited with 200 points=Rs.200. 2.After that edit your communication preference and subscribe for Daily Pepper Newsletter and you will be credited with 25 points=Rs.25:D So in Total you...
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    Notification Bar Bug on New Samsung Wave 525

    Got a Samsung Wave 525 yesterday for my cousin & I have been playing around with Bada OS just to get a feel of it & it feels good:) but I noticed one minor niggle, that even though Message Lock was enabled but still anyone using the phone could see first line of a New SMS on the notifications...
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    Graphic Cards Blue pixel dots on the screen, Gigabyte 780G onboard video failure symptoms?

    Few minutes back while browsing, my system just froze all of a sudden:@ First i thought Windows was the culprit, even though nothing like this never happened before:S, but when I took a look at my screen to my horror there where many Blue pixel dots on the screen at different places :O Checkout...
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    Rig for Native Place @ 34k

    I have almost decided on a new rig which would be basically used for Home use at my Native in Kerala but still thought would take help from TE gurus.Budget is 34K & intended Purchase time is First Week of August:) The Rig will be used for Basic Home use + Browsing/Video Chat + Occasional Normal...
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    All New Rig for 45K,Purchase over this Weekend

    Hi,I need help in building an All New Rig for my Cousin.His budget was initially 40K,but he said 45k is fine. The Rig will be used for Gaming [as is the case with most kids], he intends to play the latest games that he gets his hands on to:PPurchase to be done over this Weekend:D 1. Q: What...
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    Disadvantages of Non-VAT paid Bill?

    My friend today got a WD 1.5TB 64MB HDD for Rs.5275 but I was puzzled since I thought the 1.5TBs where retailing for about 5.5k:S its then He said that He didn't ask for a VAT Paid bill and instead got a written bill from the shop with full warranty of 5years :P So I wanted to know whether...
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    Car & Bike Car Vacuum Cleaner

    Iam looking to get Car Vacuum Cleaner:) Have seen alot of unbranded vaccum cleaner on ebay but don't want to go for them as have heard that they arent good enough and also don't last long.So would like to go for a branded one with good suction power:cool2: Any suggestions :huh: Budget: Max 3K:)
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    PC Peripherals Cooler Master unveils USP100 Mid-Tower Case

    Cooler Master unveils Universal System P 100 [USP 100] Cooler Master unveiled its newest gaming mid-tower case, USP 100(RC-P100-RKR1).Built-up in steel with frontal panel in plastic, this new Cooler Master case is an enthusiast ready mid-tower chassis with an integrated 550W Extreme Power...
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    Oracle Version for Windows 7 ?

    I had 10g on Vista 64bit prior but now since I have switched to Windows 7,sadly 10g doesn't work for me anymore :( I searched around and found that Oracle 10g supports Windows NT kernel version 4.0,5.0,5.1 means Xp and Vista and designed for that but windows 7 is based on NT 6.1 so no support...
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    11-digit mobile numbers from 1st Jan 2010

    :P11-digit mobile numbers soon:P Come January and all 500 million mobile users in the country may have to change their phone numbers and adopt a 11-digit cellular.The subscribers will have to prefix 9 to the existing 10-digit number. For example, a number 9xxxxxxxxx will become 99xxxxxxxxx...
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    Breaking : Tiger Woods involved in a 'serious' car accident

    Its a breaking news on all major channels.:O Tiger Woods taken to hospital in 'serious' condition after car accident Tiger Woods hurt in crash --
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    Dhoni and his Boys party after Hydrebad ODI loss,while India mourns the loss

    Dhoni and his men celebrating after India's loss to Australia. Maybe the coach advised them some party therapy to get over the loss?? Photographs aired by television channel News X showed skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his teammates enjoying all the attentions showered to them by male...
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    2GB DDR2 RAM - Transcend 800Mhz [MUMBAI]

    Selling my Single Stick of 2GB Transcend DDR2 800Mhz RAM. Purchase Date : Purchased from PrimeABGB on April 6,2009 Warranty : Lifetime Warranty as Per Transcend Condition : Completing 7-months tomorrow;) and its working absolutely flawlessly :hap2: Reason : Got a new 4GB Gskill KIT:cool2...
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    Phone not accepting security code

    Today Morning I woke up as usual and I tried unlocking my phone to call my friend but to my horror the Phone just wont accept the Security Code,which I have been using for the past 1 year:@:@ Mine is a Nokia 5220 Express music phone and I have been using security keyguard on it since more than...
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    Samsung SCH-W880 - Digicam with Phone

    :ohyeah::ohyeah:Samsung SCH-W880 - Digicam with Phone:ohyeah::ohyeah: Samsung has made the world’s first phone with 12MP camera and optical zoom official:clap::clap: AMOLED 12M or SCH-W880 can take pictures at 12 megapixel resolution and offers 3x optical zoom, 2x digital zoom, 720p...
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    Top of the House in Housie

    Just today morning I got a FULL HOUSE in the Mumbai Mirror HOUSIE:yahoo::yahoo: But there is a question also along with it that needs to be answered and I have some clue about it but not sure:ashamed:,help guys Which Number denotes the top of the house? A)90 B)8 C)6 I feel its 90 since it...