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    Micromax A120 Canvas HD Pro to come with 5.5-inch Full HD display

    Micromax A120 Canvas HD Pro to come with 5.5-inch Full HD display Micromax A120 Canvas HD Pro, the successor of the popular A116 Canvas HD is all set to make its way to the big stage. The smartphone will compete against the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note II and the LG Optimus G Pro...
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    Audio Duplicate / Cheap IEM’s, Earphones

    Friends, There are many cheap quality and duplicate earphones available in the market. Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between the original and the duplicate. Almost all the well known brands are imitated. Well known shops in physical and online are known to sell these duplicates...
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    CPU/Mobo Gigabyte Motherboard RMA Sucks

    I brought a Gigabyte G31 MOBO some time in january. Suddenly one day the sound stopped. It detects the sound card but no audio output. Reformatted the HDD, loaded windows and linux, but the problem was still the same. Then I gave the MOBO to gigabyte service centre in Andheri (east) on 11th...
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    Storage Solutions My views on problems with HDD's

    Been through many threads having problems with storage solutions and then RMA woes. Now I wonder as why do these HDD crash so frequently, are we using it wrongly or are there any manufacturing faults or technology faults. I have had many HDD failures and RMA issues. Each one of my cakes have...
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    loopmobile and nokia mail

    hi friends i have Nokia X6 with loopmobile prepaid connection "india ka gang" and "smartpaid" service. I have tried to nokia mail app in the phone for my gmail account. while connecting to the mail box it says "Incoming mail server not found. Check mailbox settings" BTW i am able to browse the...
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    Mobile Phone Location

    Is there any way by which i can find out or trace the exact current location of any mobile phone here in india / mumbai please help it is very urgent
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    Help required for retaining domain

    Hi friends, One of my clients had the domain agile detect spyware removers at from the last 10 years i.e. year 2000. Due to some unavoidable circumstances they were not able to renew this domain in the last january 2010. But now they need to renew this domain and retain the...
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    Please suggest a suitable phone

    Friends I am confused on buying a new cell phone with touchscreen interface, basically I require most of the features from 5800XM + Android 2.1 and my budget is Rs.15,000 and given below are some feature requirements. OS Android 2.1 Interface: Touch screen Features Network: GSM and 3G, Wifi...
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    CPU/Mobo AMD Unveils Bulldozer & Bobcat: 2011 Microachitectures

    Earlier today I outlined AMD’s roadmap for 2010 - 2011. In 2011 AMD will introduce two next-generation microarchitectures: Bulldozer for the high end desktop and server space and Bobcat for the price/power efficient ultra mobile market. I originally said that AMD wasn’t revealing any more...