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  1. Rave

    People working in Google, Facebook and other digital marketing agencies, let's connect!

    Hi All, Anyone in the forums working for Google or Facebook? :P Specifically people who are working in the digital marketing domain, let's connect! If yo rather not share your employer, that's fine, but I'm quite keen to connect with the people from this industry, and discuss the up and...
  2. Rave

    Upgrading dashboard version of JTAG'ed Xbox 360

    Hi All :P I have Xbox 360 which I wasn't using since a long time (last used in 2012), and now looking to use it again. It's JTAG'ed using the RGH, and the chip inside I think is coolrunner. Anyway, the current dashboard version on it is 2.0.14699. Can anyone help me out with how to go about...
  3. Rave

    WTB Want to buy: 2/4GB DDR3 Laptop RAM 1333

    Hi, As the title says, looking to buy 2GB or 4GB DDR3 Laptop RAM, preferably with warranty. Please PM me your offers or post here, Thanks.
  4. Rave

    VU 55" LED TV 55K160 for 54k, One day deal!

    Snapdeal has the VU 55" LED TV for 54k after using coupons and cashback Link Use coupon SSD4500 to get 4.5k off on listed price Use HDFC Debit or Credit card to get additional 500Rs off. Snapdeal coupon expires today so enjoy while it lasts, I own this TV and am very satisfied with it.
  5. Rave

    Its good to be back! :)

    Hi All :P Been away for quite a while now, had a lot of things to take care of and attend to, but now back, full time or atleast till December after which the world "Might" end lol :lol: For those who dont know or remember me, well, umm Hi? :P Now a lot of catching up to do, cya around...
  6. Rave

    Car & Bike CarPuter Installation worklog + Suggestions

    Hey everyone since I have quite a bit of free time on hand after a long time, have decided to go ahead with my long pending plans of installing a car pc in my Zen, although my online activity will be quite less still, ill try to check this thread and update as and when I can My usage would be...
  7. Rave

    Help with iPhone 3GS unlocking and Jailbreaking

    Have a friend in the UK who currently has an iPhone 3GS running 3.1.3 and baseband 05.12.01 he wants to run iOS 4 on it and also jailbreak and unlock it so that he can send it over to his brother in India can someone help me out here as to how to proceed?
  8. Rave

    Help from people with updated Team Fortress 2

    So steam decides to mess around with their client again and as a result am unable to start my TF2 Game "Not Installed" When It Previously Was - Steam Users' Forums for people who dont wanna read the details, can someone be kind enough to pass me the required vdf file, i.e app_440.vdf. this can...
  9. Rave

    Panasonic 32X9, need quick suggestions for purchase tomorrow

    So while i was hunting a 40" lcd, came across this Panasonic 32X9 that Ezone has up for sale, priced at 28k which is pretty decent, so thinking of picking it up for another room. Usage would be only DTH and XBOX 360, anything that i should be aware of before taking the plunge? its comes with 3...
  10. Rave

    Advice on 40-42" LCD TV

    Need to buy one for my Uncle on behalf of my cousin has their wedding annivarsary which is on 21st, so have about 10 days to decide on a model Obviously cant decide without having a look at them first and hence this thread to note the model numebers to look for from what little bit of reading...
  11. Rave

    Socket 939 Motherboard

    Am looking to buy a socket 939 motherboard, preferbly shud have PCIe slot, 2 DDR slots and should support a 3800 X2 proccy Please pm me your offers or post here
  12. Rave

    Help with setting a server

    I got a Tikona WiBro connection yesterday, am looking to share it between multiple devices, but Tikona has some weird sharing options and you have to log in from each device in order to connect and apparently only 4 pcs can be connected at once what am looking to do is, connect the tikona...
  13. Rave

    Need some help from TATA Indicom Night Unlimited users

    Hey My tata indicom night unlimited account expired a few days back and i'tll take a few days for me to renew, I need to download about 7GB of updates urgently so anyone with the 9PM to 9AM night unlimited plan can pass me your account details so that i can use it for a night :P it'll be great...
  14. Rave

    Urgent: help me buy southbridge HSF for msi k8n neo4 platinum

    want to buy a heatsink and fan thats compatible with msi k8n neo4 platinum sli motherboard urgently, can transfer cash straightaway, or point me to a place where I can purchase it online, an indian website mind you and not some frozencpu or sidewinders or something need it very urgently so PM me
  15. Rave

    Distress sale: HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 going cheap

    Up for sale is a T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. THIS IS NOT THE SAME ONE AS I HAVE FOR SALE IN THE OTHER THREAD Was purchased off for a friend but due to some unforseen circumstances need to sell it asap. Below are the included accessories Phone Extra hard shell cover Extra 1150MA battery...
  16. Rave

    Shipping a mobile phone

    I need to get a mobile shipped from Noida to me here in Hyderabad problem is that none of the courier guys are accepting mobilephones to be shipped tried Bluedart, Pafex, Fedex, DTDC and none of them are willing to ship any idea as to who accepts it and would be able to do the same? Thanks...
  17. Rave

    Need help setting a PPPoE & File sharing server [Linux/Windows]

    Hey I need to set up a PPPoE server for sharing my internet connection, here are the requirements that i need to fulfill I currently have a single DSL line from TATA with which I use two DSL accounts, one is normal 384Kbps and other is the 2mbps night unlimited account during the day, i use my...
  18. Rave

    Audio Urgent AL MX5021 Help

    Ive been trying to remove the power supply from the sub of the mx5021s, removed the bottom 4 screws but the damn transformer wudnt budge, its actually mounted on a plank and the plank in turn was mounted on the subwoofer, i thought it was mounted by means of those 4 screws but looks like it was...
  19. Rave

    T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream + Accessories

    For sale is a T-Mobile G1, its about 3 months old, unlocked to work with any carrier, bought in the US so no local warranty. In absolutely pristine condition, can provide HQ pics if someone wants. It has GPS as well and works like a charm with google maps, Destinator 9 has also been released...
  20. Rave

    VOIP Phone

    Need to buy a VOIP phone for a project, need something with caller id feature that will show the incoming call number, any idea where I can pick one up and the cost of the same? TIA