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    FS: Home Audio Video Google mini,Amazon Echo,Ps4 Controller

    Google mini NEW SELAED 2500 Amazon Echo NEW SELAED 2500 PS4 Controller NEW SEALED 3000
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Ps4 2tb jailbroken x2 one black other limited edition batman both new from europe ,with 2tb full of games most limited/gold/delux edition example assasian creed origins ,resident evil 7 gold,farcry 5 delux,farcry 4 delux etc All games are ripped to HDD from my own CDs please do not ask me where...
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    FS: Networking Asus AC1900 RT AC68U Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router

    Free bump for you just bought the same router from eBay USA for 48$ new Excellent router specially for the built in ads block using merlin firmware
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    FS: Consoles PS3 Fat 80 GB (Defective) - AS IS

    can u send me your number as pm and i will whats app you
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    XGD3 Burning Drive - Which one to get?

    if u want i have everything needed to tag a xbox ,with the 1tb ps3 with 56 games i havent bothered with jtag in a long time,can do it for you if u can solder i will provide the help and experience,u need to pay for the jtag chipc only
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    FS: Desktops AMD APU+board; Gaming Chassis (full tower); Chassis Fan

    How much only motherboard ep45t to Mumbai shipped
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    FS: Processor [Closed] Intel E8400 + Giga P35 + Crucial Bstix Ddr2-800 + CM Hyper TX2

    How much only the motherboard pick up Mumbai ,Mahim
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    FS: Others E8400 + Abit IP35-e + 2*1gb DDR2 Mushkins

    Can u pm me individual prices shipped to Mumbai thnx
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    FS: Processor Q9450, EP45-UD3P 4*2gb DDR2 rams

    Interested and from Mumbai I am finding it difficult to send u pm from my iPad Send me a pm if u have the gigabyte GA EP45- UD3P and the G31M still to sell Pick up from Mahim station ,only the motherboards,a better price if possible Will it work for the E8400 processor?
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    Jabra Bt 3030

    Just ordered these from Dino Direct 24$ with a 15% off coupon code comes for about 20.39 abut 900rs plus free shipping to India for the iphone 3gs 32gb....The thing is is this a gud deal Bt 3030 All Reply Highly appreciated Thank U
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    Tonights gonna be a good night for my xbox360

    Join The Revolution...................................... Beautifully done ,Done almost the same as u including jtag(1/3 xbox for project work),changed thermal paste...Few things more that can be done 1.Make the fans 12v(Done hardware) 2.Use a extra front side header fan 12v(next on list )...
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    PS2 Slim(modded)

    Re: PS2 Slim(modded) with 16 games! hey im from mahim will be great if u would sell 2 me would be a great gift for my little cous,pls do reply back will come with him asap,thank u
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    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller,Games & AVG Internet Security

    interested in exchanging games for wireless controller
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    RROD console+power brick+ AV cable

    does it mean once a rrod always a rrod iv done my myself using hybrid method working as of now..what should i expect in future
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    Tuniq TX-2 thermal grease (TIM)

    sorry have a keyboard prob,asked a frnd says cant use and greese have to use artic silver only,sorry
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    Tuniq TX-2 thermal grease (TIM)

    hi my name is hanston can u tell me if this can be used for rrod xbox 360 im in mahim can cme by 2 pick it up,pls hold for me,where in mumbai are u hi my name is hanston can u tell me if this can be used for rrod xbox 360 im in mahim can cme by 2 pick it up,where in mumbai are u
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    iPhone 3g 16gb Brand New OS3.0 Unlocked - 26800/-

    hey my frnd wants to buy a 3gs phone pref white 16gb also it shuld be fw 3 bb of 3 pls de reply
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    Xbox 360 Power Brick & 2 Wireless Controller....

    can exchage games for the controllers if interested ie