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  1. Crapmypants

    Any way around the 5 review limit by google places api

    Hey guys, i need to pull all the google map reviews of one specific establishment but the google places api has a 5 review limit. I know basic python and was hoping to code my own scraper but i can't find much help outside of paid 3rd party tools. (i'm trying to create a table of reviews for...
  2. Crapmypants

    Blue screen of death

    Hi guys, i'm starting to get the BSOD on my system. i think something is dying, just not sure what. it happens quite randomly with or w/o load. no recent changes to hardware or software. tried both updating and rolling back gpu drivers i suspect it's the RAM. is there any way to check? im...
  3. Crapmypants

    World of Warships

    Hello all, started playing WoWs about 5 months back and i'm completely hooked. Creating a discussion thread since i think world of tanks has one. maybe even find some people to division up with or just talk about fav. ship/playstyle/tier progress etc.
  4. Crapmypants

    Graphic Cards R9 Nano - Specs and Launch date

    Some news about the r9 nano.
  5. Crapmypants

    WP Migrating from Lumia 520 to Moto E - 'Need Help'

    Hi all, I got my mom a new moto e to replace her lumia 520. the problem is with transferring her contacts and messages from the nokia to the moto. the nokia 'transfer my data' app can only import contacts not export them. windows phone has no way to transfer anything to the sim (it doesn't even...
  6. Crapmypants

    CPU/Mobo Mobo suggestions for an i7 2600k (~5k)

    I'm picking up a used i7 2600k and need some help to decide on the mobo for it. I don't plan to overclock this as it would be a little beyond my psu's limits so a z-series board is not a necessity. I don't plan to xfire. Basically, what i'm looking for is a decent all-rounder board for the...
  7. Crapmypants

    Graphic Cards Radeon 300 series launch date & pricing

    Launch has been confirmed for June 16th at E3.,29268.html Pricing hasn't been confirmed but the below leak is making the rounds...
  8. Crapmypants

    Graphic Cards r9 290 for 24k in paytm

    Hi all, Found what seems to be a good deal on paytm and wanted to pass it along: radeon r9 290(non-x) from msi for 23,400/- (this is slightly cheaper than a gtx 970) Please note; i did...
  9. Crapmypants

    FCC Chairman mocks ISPs

    Using their own (false) marketing to put isp's in a corner. This Wheeler dude is awesome! Now, fingers crossed for TRAI to treat our isp's the same way. And verizon's response to net...