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    Audio Which Stereo + Amp setup to buy amongst theses ?

    I was looking at following combinations of Amp + speaker setup, any suggestions on which would be better, would be using it with my PC (40% movie, 40% music and 20% games) 1. Whaferdale 9/10 series + Marantz6003/6004 2. PSB Alpha 1 + NAD315 3. Monitor Audio M2/M1/Bronze + Marantz6003/6004...
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    Simple Software to limit internet access

    I have a staff of ~30 people, currently all their workstations have open internet access, can someone suggest a software to limit internet access where i can block some websites on all their workstations ? Thanks
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    Storage Solutions Which SSD to get form US ?

    I was planning to get an SSD from US was thinking of the following 1. Mushkin Callisto 60GB SSD- $150 2. RealSSD Crucial C300- $150 3. Intel X25-V - $100 (since its much cheaper) Any other suggestions would also do, max budget $150...
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    Audio Views on Yamaha MP5 Studio Monitors or any other recommendations ?

    I was looking to buy stereo speakers. Just came across these at Yamaha MSP5 STUDIO Powered Studio Monitors- 28k Yamaha HS50M 5" 70W Powered Studio Monitor- 22k Audioengines A5- 19k Will connect these to my desktop mainly used for movies and music. Any recommendations or should i go...
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    Audio 25k - 35k speakers suggestion

    Wanted to buy speakers+amp for 25k-35k - Will mainly be listening to music (majority rock) and movies - Will be connecting them to my PC, is a sound card required ? If I could get some suggestions on various amps and speaker configs will go and try them out and then decide.
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    Audio Soundmagic PL 30 service center

    I had bought one of those earphones before 6-7 months, they are currently not working. Does anyone know of their service center in Mumbai ? I guess they have 1 year warranty....
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    Security Software AV + firewall for office

    I have a server with 22 clients connected to it. I wanted to install some firewall and antivirus for protection. Any suggestions for which firewall and AV should i use and which is the best way to configure it ?
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    Iphone 3GS jailbreak & unlock ?

    My friend just got a brand new Iphone 3GS, 16GB from US. I am planning to jailbreak and unlock it using redsnow & ultrasnow. I found out these do no work with Iphone 3.1 firmware, how do i check the firmware on my 3GS before i can proceed to unlock it ?
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    Audio Warranty on Creative EP 630 ?

    My EP-630 headphones got spoilt, one of the ear bud does not function. I am trying to get it RMA'ed. While the website says 1 year warranty and dealers are selling with 1 year warranty i think, when i called up Cyberstar Infocom (Creative Distrubutors), mumbai office (022 40003898) they said...
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    Audio Planning to buy Audioengines A5's

    Was planning to buy Audio engines A5's for my desktop. (Usage: movies & music each 50%) Any suggestions in the same range that i should look before buying these.
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    PS2 Softmod ?

    What is the best way of soft modding a PS2 to play backups ? Also wanted to know where can i get it chipped in Bombay if softmod is too cumbersome.... Thanks
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    Reclining chairs for pc use ?

    Any idea on where to buy good and cheap reclining chairs specifically for pc use use in mumbai ? Maybe out of topic but did not know where to post it....
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    Replacement for ultrasurf ?

    I was using ultrasurf at my workplace to access restricted websites, but now mcafee detects it as a trojan and wont let me run the program. Is there any other similar program available ?
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    Tata Indicom speeds ?

    I have a tata indicom night unlimited connection through web based login. I do not get download and upload speeds on public torrents on utorrent (no green tick mark). On private torrents i get full 2 Mbps speeds. Anyone facing a similar issue ?
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    Audio Audio Engine A5 quote

    I have got a quote of 20,400/- (including taxes) for Audio engine A5 from the dealer listed on their site.Is it available cheaper than this anywhere else, i am located in mumbai.
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    Remove Zip password ?

    Is there anyway to remove password from a zip file other then brute force method ?
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    Iphone 2.1 upgrade required ?

    I am using 2G Iphone with 1.1.3 firmware (jailbroken), has anyone upgraded to 2.1 firmware using pwnage tool ? what are the advantages of the same, is it worth it ? Also what are the sources to get 3rd party apps other than the installer on the phone?
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    Sharing network using second lan card..

    I have 2 different internet connections coming through the same CAT5 cable. I just need to change my IP to switch between my connections and my ISP's. Is it possible to share my network between 2 PC's so that I can configure each PC for one ISP, using their respective IP series ? I have already...
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    Storage Solutions Seagate 7200.11 bad sectors..

    I have a 500 GB seagate 32mb cache 7200.11, seem to have got bad sectors on it is there any tool recommended to mark them or diagonize my hdd ? Also need a new 500/640 GB STABLE hdd which is recommended ?
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    Connect remotely remote desktop

    I want to connect remotely to my home pc from my office pc. I am behind a NAT at my home pc been given an internal IP by my ISP. How do I connect from my office using remote desktop connection. I do not have an external static IP ...Also are there any other ways to connect remotely keeping in...