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  1. JMak

    WTB Looking for Amazon firestick extension cable

    I seem to have broken the socket in my firestick extension cable. Looking for 2 of those now to attach pc display and firestick as my tv doesn't have enough space in the back. Attaching the pic below for reference. Please of anyone has kindly let me know. Location Delhi
  2. JMak

    WTB Hdmi switch

    Hi Looking for a hdmi switch so that I can change inputs to my tv from among fire tv stick and set top box. 2 inputs from firestick and set top box and 1 output to tv Location delhi Thanks
  3. JMak

    Budget 0-20k Good tablet in 20k for online classes and media consumption

    Please suggest No gaming involved.
  4. JMak

    Do you also feel that Michael Jackson's Invincible is hugely underrated album?

    First up, this is about MJ the musician, and certainly not about the alleged pedophile. I have been a fan of MJs work , and tbh I feel the rhythm , choice of instrument and the overall feel of his music is just awesome. I remember buying a pirated CD of invincible from palika bazaar back in...
  5. JMak

    Can I extend prime membership before time at a discount

    Hi My prime subscription will expire in June 2022, As the prices will be increasing, was wondering if its possible to extend it now with some voucher or code as a discount. Today is the laser date of 999 offer post today then price will be 1499 Thanks
  6. JMak

    Budget 20-25K Please suggest a phone below 25k

    Requirements 8/128 Good camera Fast charging Good processor to multi task Crisp screen Thanks
  7. JMak

    Budget 0-20k Looking to buy a new ips monitor for browsing usage

    Size 24 or 27 inch screen IPS In built speakers would be good but not necessary Usual market standard bells and whistles should be there ( no idea what's new in terms of tech and ports in monitors) Vga and hdmi ports must Usage : primarily browsing, occadsional gaming if at all i am able to...
  8. JMak

    The Witcher season 2 premiering on Dec 17th

    The trailer is out [emoji106][emoji3]
  9. JMak

    WTB Looking for a decent 20, 22 to 24 inch IPS monitor

    Looking for a decent used monitor may be a year or two old or there about 20 or 22 to 24 inches IPS Budget : reasonable and according to age of the item Location Delhi Thanks
  10. JMak

    Kindly suggest a pdf maker app for android ios more than 40 pages

    Wife needs to submit her assignments, each has around 40 to 50 pages, Hence need a software that can make a single pdf of 40 pages.. Can use my iphone or android phone Thanks
  11. JMak

    WTB A tablet for online classes of a 5 yr old

    Kinna urgent Budget 7k Locatoon delhi
  12. JMak

    WTB Looking to buy a usb hub

    Location Delhi Thanks
  13. JMak

    WTB Looking for Logitech k380 BT keyboard

    As the title says need those two items for my ipad. Location Delhi
  14. JMak

    WTB Looking for pc wifi and bluetooth card

    Need one card for my desktop Location Delhi
  15. JMak

    WTB Smart watch with ecg, spo2

    Wish to buy a smart watch or band having proper ecg option along with spo2 and may be other basic functions for an acquaintance. Cheapest possible, used or suggestions for a new one. Location Delhi
  16. JMak

    Is it my wifi router or broadband .....

    Hi I am having a strange issue. Since past 2 weeks, sometime the lan internet. Stops working on my desktop and on other times devices connected with 2.4 or 5ghz network lose the internet despite connected to wifi. I have to invariably reboot the router to get the internet working. The strange...
  17. JMak

    How to add openvpn config files on tplink MR3630 router

    Hi I am using openvpn on my windows 10 desktop. The config files are a part of a subscription of a download aggtgator service, so whenever i need i just launch openvpn and select one of the servers. But this given the VPN facility only on my desktop, I wish to use this network wide on all...
  18. JMak

    Dan Brown's the lost symbol coming as a TV series

    Premiering today in the US on peacock network Imdb link : YouTube trailer :
  19. JMak

    How to withdraw funds from blockchain

    As the title says... A friend is having some btc in his blockchain wallet, which I believe he had made a while back and accepted funds just for fun,those btc have swelled on their own to sizable amount now and he wishes to withdraw his btc which might be worth 500 or something $.. I had told him...
  20. JMak

    Less than 10K Looking for a good phone around 10k for a relative

    I was suggested poco m3 and redmi power What you guys suggest? Needed for a relative FHD screen 4 to 6gb ram 6000mah battery and usual bells and whistles Thanks