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    FS: Desktops FS : msi h67 mobo , xfx 8800gtx

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: xfx 8800gtx 768 mb Expected Price: Rs 1,500 Time of Purchase: not sure Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: none Reason for Sale: upgrade Purchase Invoice Available: nope Product Condition: working great...
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    WTB gtx 460 or similar

    want to buy a gtx 460 or similar gpu playing resolution : 1080p pm for quicker response
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    samsung galaxy sii i9100

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: samsung galaxy s2 i9100 Expected Price: Rs 22,000 Shipping charges:on buyer [if i am willing to ship] Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: good condition , little usage marks but barely / not visible... willing to put any rom/firmware the...
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    4gb ddr3 corsair value ram

    product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:4gb ddr3 corsair value ram Expected Price: Rs 1,000/- Time of Purchase: 13th june 2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes, will have to check how much warranty these rams have Reason for Sale: bought better rams...
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    NZXT Gama , TVS Gold Keyboard

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:NZXT gama , TVS gold keyboard Expected Price: cabinet : 1.1k , keyboard : sold Time of Purchase: around 1.5 years ago Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0 Months Reason for Sale: not using them ... lying at home...
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    Expected Price: Rs 16,500/- Time of Purchase: do not know Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes/No | 0 Months Reason for Sale: upgrading for sale ... tmobile g2x Purchase Invoice Available: nope Product Condition: very good , just a very small nick above...
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    sapphire 5850

    sapphire 5850 condition : 9/10 the condition is great , infact just got a brand new rmaed piece , just used it for a little while did not give it a full 10 as i opened the seal :P accessories included : non [cant find them ] warranty : asked aditya , they said its till april 2012 price ...
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    amd 555 + mobo

    selling my rig : amd 555 be : AMD Processors for Desktops: AMD Phenom motherboard :Jetway - Tech.On The Move - Motherboard - HA07-Ultra Expected Price: Rs 3,500/- for cpu and 3,000/- for motherboard Time of Purchase: 28 aug 2010 for cpu , not sure about mobo Indian warranty...
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    CPU/Mobo cpu + mobo suggestions: 14k

    i own an amd 555 be and a jetway HA-07 ultra and 4gb ocz gold rams [800mhz] was thinking of selling this rig and getting a new combo till now i have decided for a corsair 1333mhz ram 4gb single stick for 2k Core i5 2400 - 9.3k MSI H67MA-E35 - 4.6k now this will be an awsome upgrade but my...
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    ocz dual channel ram

    for sale 1- ocz 2x2gb dual channel gold ram kit 2- ocz 2x1gb dual channel platinum ram kit price - Rs 3,300/- for the 4 gb kit and 1,200/- for 2gb kit time of purchase - oct 2008 for 4gb kit and dec 2008 for 2gb kit warranty - lifetime warranty Reason for Sale: shifting to ddr3 Purchase...
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    Cooler master silent pro 500w

    Looking to buy a used cm silent pro 500 w or any other modular psu tht costs near this Local sellers preffered Want a quick deal
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    zonar dx

    want to buy a used xonar dx or similar sound card interested seller plz pm me local sellers preferred
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    altec lansing vs4121

    want to buy the altec lansing vs4121 [black] new or unused sellers plz send pm looking for a quick deal :)
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    8gb micro sd class 6

    want to buy new or used micro sd 8gb class 6 want it asap sellers plz contact me via pm local sellers preffered
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    AMD 550 be / 555be ... unlocked

    want to buy an amd 550 be or a 55 be , which have been unlocked into quads and r stable also looking for other amd proccy , so if u r selling ne , do drop me a pm looking for a quick deal :)
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    am2+/am3 bracket for TRUE

    looking to buy an AM2+/AM3 bracket for the thermalright ultra extreme 120 rev A want to buy it asap can also trade with the intel 775 bracket interested sellers plz leave pm :)
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    cpu , mobo , psu , ram ...... ultra cheap

    looking to buy an ultra cheap pc required : cpu , mobo , ram and a psu i dont need ne branded psu , nor do i need 1gb ram , 256 or 512 in enuf want to buy this asap interested sellers plz send pm quickly .... looking to buy asap the cheaper the better :P all should b in proper working...
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    500gb hdd

    Want to buy a 500 gb hdd Interested sellers plz leave a pm Sent from my GT-I5700 using Tapatalk
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    Hdd 500gb - 1tb

    looking to buy a HDD ranging from 500GB to 1TB interested sellers send pm with price
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    PC Peripherals psu suggestion

    i have the option of buyignt he 2 following psus 1- corsair 450w 2- tagan 500w both have 1.5yr warranty remaining and are costing nearly the same rig to be powered intel e2180 oced to 3ghz [from 2] gigabyte g31 zotac 9800gt 512mb oced edition 3 fans 3 HDD dvd writter which will b the better...