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  1. Mann

    WTB Etherium

    PM please.
  2. Mann

    Storage Solutions Need help getting a SSD fixed

    Hi all, Recently my 4TB NVME SSD stopped working. The data is not important but the drive is. Warranty no, help yes. Any one can suggest a repair shop. Thanks
  3. Mann

    Reliance Trends Footwear Coupon

    Have lot's of these. Welcome to pickup in person or pay for shipping.
  4. Mann

    3d modeling services required

    Required:- 1) One person with dexterity in 3d modeling on UE5. 2) One candidate with interior designing capability over raw structural designs provided. Both would work togather realising one's creativity into virtual reality. Only experienced people may apply. Freelance work, project based.
  5. Mann

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair XG7 RGB waterblock for 2080ti

    Available for sale is a brand new, open box Corsair XG7 RGB waterblock for 2080ti reference design. It will work with the 2080 also, kindly visit OEM Site and confirm compatibility before buying. Have been looking for a 2080ti for a while without success ;sometimes it's the piece, sometime it's...
  6. Mann


    Have it. Show it. Sell it.
  7. Mann

    The Panasonic AC Service fiasco

    Hi guys, On Tuesday I had booked a general service for my Panasonic 1.5ton inverter AC. The call was made to 18001081333, for which I recieved an sms(attached below). On Wednesday Mr.Haseen(091313 99471) called and asked for the address say that an AC service call was logged. I was out for work...
  8. Mann

    FS: Storage Hardware 4x 16tb Seagate EXOS Drives

    Up for sale are 4 Seagate drives of 16tb capacity each . Three drives are working fine. One drive can be fixed. Selling them all as a package, not breaking up the pride of these lions. 3months old, wrote just once on them. This fire sale is for today only. Shipping with be on Monday after 100%...
  9. Mann

    WTB Ryzen 2000,3000,5000 CPU

    Looking for the the cheapest of them all. Motherboard compatibility is limited to these CPU's only. Kindly reply by DM. THANKS
  10. Mann

    Love you 3000

    I have been thinking about on a custom PC built for some time now. Collecting one thing after the other. Here is how far I have come , some components, few things here and there, slowly coming together. Kindly be patient as it's far from finished. Hopefully doing that soon with your inputs. P.S...
  11. Mann

    Amazon's New World MMO is reportedly killing Nvidia 3090 GPUs I suggest we put a fps cap in place rather than wait for another game to do the same. Unless we do benchmarks for a living :) Can someone in the forum verify this? Personally
  12. Mann

    Windows Windows 10 and office key for cheap

    77889 73901 is providing and office key and a windows 10 key for Rs.700. I'm not associated with them, but have first hand experience. @prime
  13. Mann

    WTB H370 mobo

    Looking for a 9th gen Mobo with lots of sata ports. Thanks
  14. Mann

    WTB PSU 800w or above

    Looking for a PSU. Should not be more than a year old.
  15. Mann

    Security Software Cracking the password of your lost crypto wallet

    I recently met a guy who claims to recover password of YOUR crypto wallet. Saw him in action. Took him a week to find the lost password of the wallet owner. He has a video (attached below). If someone here need help with a similar problem, you can imitate what he did or ask for his help. He...
  16. Mann

    Windows Antimalware Service Executable or MsMpEng.exe consuming all of internet bandwidth. Help!

    Hi, Microsoft Antimalware Service Executable or MsMpEng.exe is consuming all of internet bandwidth. (Refer to the image, it's 300mbps of 300mbps screen shot did not get that) Why? Should I kill it?
  17. Mann

    [Sold Out] AMD Ryzen 7 5800x Processors box packed

    My PC supplier is offering brand new sealed AMD Ryzen 7 5800x Processors box packed. I don't want it as I have one my self. For reasons unknown he is selling it at Rs 31,000/- + 18% GST. I know cpu-z screen shots are required which are not possible as the piece is sealed. I do have a 5800x on me...
  18. Mann

    WTB DDR3 4gb x2

    Looking for an upgrade. Let me know if you have any
  19. Mann

    WTB RTX 3070, RTX 3060 ti, RTX 2080 ti, RTX 3080

    Looking for these GPU's . DM your offers. Thanks
  20. Mann

    FS: Desktops HP EleteDesk 800 G2

    HP EleteDesk G2 with an i5-6400t 16GB of Ram WD Blue NVME 256GB SSD 1TB HDD Super small, just 1 liter in volume and sips power. The System is good working condition. Has Windows 10 activated SSD & Ram are in warranty & bought in October 2020 , have bills for these.