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    Amazon Echo/Echo Dot/Echo Plus India Launch (Prime Subscription Free)

    Can someone please check if the eWeLink skill (for SONOFF devices) is available in Amazon Alexa app? I am unable to find it, I remember seeing it few weeks back! My SONOFF device was delivered few days back and now I am unable to link it to Alexa!!
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    ACT Broadband - Plan updates 2017

    In Bangalore my Rs.1999 plan I.e. 100mbps/250GB has been upgraded to 150mbps/350GB A friend in Bangalore who is on 1399 plan didn't get any upgrade.
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    Amazon Fire TV Stick India Launched for Rs 3999

    Yes that is correct No issues with Kodi but x265 video doesn't always play specially 1080p videos but support was added in the 2gen Fire TV. Do understand that I am talking about 1st gen Fire TV box and not the stick here.
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    Amazon Fire TV Stick India Launched for Rs 3999

    In reply to everyone wondering about imported Amazon devices in India: I have a 1st gen Fire TV which I got from UK and have been using it for the last 1.5 years. I was primarily using it for Kodi and Netflix. Even though I had Prime India subscription it never worked in my Fire TV but...
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    Video Roku for Amazon Prime in India

    I have a Fire TV (fist gen) from UK and Indian Prime Video does not work on it! I primarily use it for Kodi and Netflix, I have to use my PS4 for Prime video. According to this site Fire TV might launch soon in India...
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    voice recognition for subtitles software

    Well this is possible so maybe...
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    [Group Buy] Internet Download Manager - Pay before June 18

    Got the refund. Thank you [emoji106]
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    @kolayamit - Price is after tax, right?
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    Hey, when you visit SP road tomorrow can you please get the prices for the GTX 1060 cards (Zotac, MSI, Gigabyte) Thanks
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    [Group Buy] Internet Download Manager - Pay before June 18

    Is it possible for me to get one now? I know I am past the date! Please let me know!
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    Tikona eliminating FUP ?

    Fair usage limit is applicable on the unlimited usage plans: ADULM1024 (30GB), ADULM2048 (50GB), ADULM4096 (80GB), ADULQ512K (90GB), ADULQ750K(90GB), ADULQ1024 (90GB), ADULQ2048 (150GB), ADULQ4096 (240GB), ADULH300K (180GB), ADULH512K (180GB), ADULH750K (180GB), ADULH1024 (180GB), ADULH2048...
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    HomeShop18 - Coupons & Deals

    Thanks! Bought a DSLR lens worth 6K for 5K :hap2:
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    Audio-Technica Headphones- T200, T500 , M20,M35 , AD300, AD500, AD700, A900

    Re: Audio Technica entry-mid level Headphones-AD300, AD500, M20, M35 ,T200 and T500. Received my ATH- M20 today, thanks for the quick shipping! :hap2:
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    3d movies brightness

    Our theatres are to be blamed for this! They are supposed to increase the projector bulb intensity for 3d movies but they keep it normal to save money (higher electricity bill) Check out Michael Bay's pleas to the Projectionists for his T3 screening!
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    Any Samsung / Panasonic /Denon / Yamaha product

    Need the price for Yamaha RX-V467 receiver? Also when will RX-V471 be available & its price??
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    User Guides How is a Game Developed Its not online though!
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    Hindi rock songs

    The best rock music sung in Hindi I have ever heard has to be by a band called Guru & the album name is Ghoom I think this album "Ghoom" was his college project when he was studying music in Germany! Check it out!
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    Airtel 3G Announced - Will support speeds upto 21 Mbps!

    Twitter Airtel 3G Plan: Rs. 650 monthly rental for 1.25GB, pay per use till bill cap reaches Rs. 2000, then speeds slashed to 128kbps. :rofl:
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    Audio Where to buy Alessandro MS1 in India?

    @PristineNote - Price?? Also can put it on eBay with EMI option??