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    Help with Sales Tax!!

    Hey everyone I recently bought some PC components from PrimeABGB amounting to Rs.44250. They sent it via FedEx and somewhere along the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border called Walayar checkpost, it was detained and I got a notice from them stating - "The consignee is not a registered dealer under KVAT &...
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    PC Peripherals PSU cable extenders

    Hi After getting the HAF-X Nvidia cabinet, I saw that my OCZ StealXstream 600w 8pin CPU connector wasn't long enough to reach the top if routed via the back. Now I've connected it directly, crossing the front of the board. Looks messy. Where can I find some cable extenders? Or should I be...
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    PC Peripherals Full Tower ATX decision

    Hi I finally received the cash to burn on a full tower sexy ATX cabinet. Existing one is only fine for mATX and the cable management is hell. Now I'm looking for one that scares the shit outta people with the size & looks and provides excellent air cooling as I don't see myself going water...
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    Budget 21-30k SB/Ivy Proccy + Mobo + RAM

    Q: What is your budget? 25-30k Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel E5200 Motherboard - Abit IP35-E GPU - Asus GTX560Ti RAM - OCZ Nvidia Sli Edition 2x2GB 800Mhz Monitor - Dell U2312HM SMPS - OCZ StealthXstream 600W...
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    Camera Digicam or Digicam+Handycam ?

    Hi I haven't decided whether I need a handycam for HD video shooting or if the normal digicam can work as well. It's for my sister. She'll be taking plenty of photos and shooting videos. Requirements- Should be easy enough to use. Probably will end up using the auto settings and directly take...
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    Car & Bike ICE for Santro Xing under 20k

    Hi I decided to upgrade my car with some really good audio equipment. My budget allows me to go upto 20k for the whole setup. Kindly note that as of now, there are no audio units in my car. I just searched online and found some suggestions. Tell me whether these are any good- Head Unit -...
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    PC Peripherals Steelseries Merc Stealth, Logitech G110 or Lycosa Mirror

    Hi I'm looking to buy a new keyboard. Main usage - FPS, TPS, Racing Requirements - LED backlighting. Macros not very important. Keyboards I liked - Cyborg V5 Steelseries Merc Stealth Logitech G110 Razer Blackwidow Anybody with experience with these keyboards, please comment on their build...
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    Socket 775 motherboard with Pci-e 2.0 slot

    Hi I'm looking for a Socket 775 motherboard with Pci-e 2.0 slot for a friend of mine. Right now his 945G doesn't have a slot to insert a graphic card. So looking for one. No specific budget. Should be in good working condition.
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    Graphic Cards Green dots appearing on screen

    Hey everyone Just when I was about to buy a new LED monitor, my whole graphics came down. I don't get it. I was playing Skyrim which had been working perfectly for 2 days when suddenly a whole game freezes and a load of green dots start appearing onscreen. Now sometimes when I start up, it'll...
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    Monitors Which 24" LED monitor to buy?

    Hey everyone With a lot a companies making 24'' LED monitors, I really don't know which one to go for. Currently I'm using a Samsung 17" LCD monitor. Budget limitations are around 11k. I'd prefer a warranty period of 2 years or more. Usage - Gaming - 70% Movies - 20% Text - 10%...
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    Casio Edifice watches - From Authorised Dealer

    Hey Everyone This thread is a continuation of the following thread. Somehow it ended up in the MOBILE PHONE section. So creating a new one here. One more piece of the Edifice 550D-1AVDF is availabe for...
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    120mm fan filters and grills

    Hey I'm looking for the following items but cant find them anywhere for a good price. Can someone find these for me pls? Fan grills - 120mm x 2 Fan filters- 120mm x 4 And one question - Can I use a grill and filter together on a fan?? -Jeff
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    Casio Edifice Chronograph 550D-1AVDF

    Hi everyone Putting up a brand new, unused, Casio Edifice EF-550D-1AVDF (Special F1 Edition) for sale. The watch is brand new, bought this week from Trivandrum itself and hasn't been worn. Have taken pics of the watch with everything intact. Contains the warranty card and carries 2 years of...
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    3x Ipad 2 32GB wifi+3g (Brand new)

    Hi I'm looking to buy 3 brand new units of the Apple Ipad2 32GB wifi+3G. Since it's not available locally and eBay price is too high and won't get discounts, I'd like to know whether it's available for a discounted rate, considering I need to buy 3 of them(hope it counts as bulk buying) Can...
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    PC Peripherals Suggest a good UPS

    Hi everyone Since I'll be transporting my desktop to hostel, I'll definitely require a UPS since there's the problem of frequent power cuts there. It's just to power the pc and monitor. The configuration has been given in the siggy. But I want the ups to be able to support the pc if I decide to...
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    Audio Headphone or IEM? 100-150$

    Hey all, Back again for suggestions on new headgear. Sadly my NuForce NE700x got busted and has been sent for RMA. I loved the sound signature on it but after listening to the normal earphones provided along with the Cowon J3, I noticed that the Nuforce lacked that clarity and wideness. Now I...
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    Audio An IEM with clarity under Rs.500

    Hi One of my friends is looking for an iem, preferably from Sony. His likings- should be clear(atleast like the cowon earphones provided with the J3. They have awesome clarity), good treble, mids and not too boomy bass. Any suggestions?
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    Question about buying from Infibeam

    Hi I've a few doubts which I'd like to get cleared before buying a Se nnheiser PX80 from Infibeam. Is it a reliable site? Do they provide a bill? How long do they take to ship? What about warranty claims? Please do help out. I'm looking at this site as it's selling that headphone for a lower...
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    Audio Nuforce Ne700x: Right side issue

    Hi For a week now, the right side of my ne700x has lost power. It's like the the whole vocals have shifted to the left side along with part of the bass. Currently using R side +5 balance on the J3. Also I've noticed the overall output has decreased. I'm using higher volume now to compensate. I...
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    Audio Confusion with Usb charging J3

    Hey everyone Just got my Cowon J3 a week ago. Did chargings via pc usb port. After trying to charge it through my Philips Universal Charger, it shows battery full instantly when I plug it in. Kept it for 4 hours or so and removed the charger. But the J3 shows battery empty. I later tried...