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    Motherboard for ryzen 3300x

    Can anyone suggest a motherboard for a ryzen 3300x without firmware upgrade? Thanks
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    POS software or hardware

    OKay i dont know which forum this might go into , i am opening a small shop of baked goods and I have zero idea on what POS or billing software to start using ? any recommendations or reviews? thanks
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    android tv boxes

    Any experience with them? or with the advent of smart tv , these boxes are not required?
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    wd elements 1 tb sound

    does the external drive make some beep beep sounds when starting and sometimes during transferring data? or is it a bad piece?
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    dubai shopping

    Guys , whats the recommended shops /online to pick up mobile and a ps4 at dubai? getting confused , thanks :)
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    PC Peripherals printer recommendations

    guys i tried putting this one off till the last minute because i just cannot decide which printer to buy. i am hating inkjets now because of their constant breakdowns and catridge replacements, i cannot buy a color laser printer because they are soooo expensive , so now we are left with...
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    Budget 31-40k BUying a laptop from ebay

    Any problem with buying a lappie from ebay? any trusted sellers out there? thanks
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    Budget 21-30k dell 3542 vs lenovo g50 70 vs...
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    WP how good is notion cain 2?

    the windows tablet , any hands on experience?
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    voice recordable chips

    where can i find recordable voice chips so that i can add custom music to them , like the ones in greeting cards but i would like to put my music in it
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    LED lights

    where to get led lights like this shown?
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    Career advice from bill waterson

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    corrugated boxes

    Anyone makes corrugated boxes or cardboard boxes or have any idea about the making cost of these boxes? thx
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    amazon global

    erm this is fun , and i hope its true :D they are offering free shipping above $125 :D
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    Welcome Amazon India!

    just books and movies now :D any good deals spotted?
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    iOS ipad

    how much is a new ipad now? is it priced same place at all shops?
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    Android spice stellar MI1010

    any reason why this is selling at Rs.8,500/- ? and all the reviews i find is praising it as not bad
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    measure frequency of AC power supply

    Can i use a multimeter to find out the frequency of AC power supply ? or is there any cheaper ones I stay in a township which gives backup power supply and sometimes i am not sure if its AC or generator backup which is expensive , so someone mentioned i could measure frequency and find it out...
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    Storage Solutions Western Digital - Procedure for RMA ?

    so my 1 tb wd elements died , whats the procedure to go about it ? should i first register the harddrive as mine then start the RMA?
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    In need of an initiative

    on the onset , maybe its just a bit of utopian thinking on my part so just bear with me Techenclave is one of 3 or 4 technological forums which is indian based . Earlier we used to discuss setting up computers and the best possible computer hardware and the various technologies behind it. but...